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Logistics requires sustainable solutions - Trade and Business - Trade News

Logistics requires sustainable solutions – Trade and Business – Trade News

14.12.2021 16:05

Typical industrial centers are slowly changing modern logistics complexes. Today, they are not just a cold warehouse, but thanks to the participation of business services, management and research and development in the field of logistics, they are transforming into a workspace that provides comfort to work and relax. “In our P3 parks, we encourage sustainable solutions that include plenty of green space inside buildings. For example, I would like to mention the first city-type park Bratislava Airport P3, which will bring different relaxation and recreation areas in the individual construction phases”, says Peter Janussi, CEO of P3 Logistic Parks.

Sustainability is currently a very hot topic that is already affecting all areas of business. Each modern company has incorporated this topic and related issues into its strategic plans for the further development of its business. P3 Logistics Parks is no exception. “All our projects, whether implemented or planned, are subject to strict standards of responsible and sustainable business. In addition to the professional public, this trend is becoming more and more recognized by the general public, who are evaluating a responsible approach to business and its general impact on society,” says Peter Janussi. .

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Site selection helps reduce your carbon footprint

As part of its environmental philosophy, P3 Logistic Parks has developed a plan for the sustainable development of industrial construction. “As developers and operators of logistics real estate, we are faced with a major challenge and at the same time an opportunity to design parks and buildings that not only consume energy but will also produce it, for example, through solar roofs or wind turbines,” says Peter Janussi. However, the choice of location itself already decides what impact the developer leaves in the country. Placing the park near the highway reduces carbon emissions. It is also helped by the use of supplier services and local resources, thus ensuring that the developer cancels the import of materials from a distance. Better thermal protection of the halls, in turn, contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, for example in heating and hot water.

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Environmental Water Management

“Our gardens are part of a broader ecosystem, so we try to integrate them into the surrounding environment,” says Peter Jánoši. This is associated, for example, with the cultivation of green spaces in logistics parks, which are compatible with the local ecosystem. Environmental water management is of particular local importance. “We use rainwater from storage tanks as a source of irrigation in all of our P3 gardens,” he adds. Through the downspout system, rainwater is drained into large-capacity holding tanks, from which it gradually seeps into the ground. The proven solution will ensure that rainwater remains in the soil at the slope and does not drain into adjacent streams.

Lofts, lounge areas and offices overlooking 300 year old oak

“We build modern properties of the highest quality A, which meet stringent environmental standards, and most of them are very good BREEAM certified,” says Peter Jánoši. The building certificate talks about economy and energy efficiency inside buildings, about environmental friendliness and at the same time it monitors how people feel in the building. So it is not surprising that relaxation areas are created in modern gardens, for example.

The developer is also planning to create a rest area in his garden P3 Bratislava D2 Near Luzorno, where construction of a new hall DC7B began in September. The garden also includes 300-year-old summer oak. “This tree is related to the village and its inhabitants and is already with us. We keep it in full beauty, and the construction will not affect it in any way, on the contrary, we have adapted its plans to it and reduced the usable built area by 3,000 square meters”, adds Peter Janussi. In combination with environmental solutions, the developer reduces energy costs to operate his buildings and increases the value of the constructions. All halls P3 are equipped with a modern heating and ventilation system, have increased thermal insulation of the ceiling and smart economical LED lighting. The buildings are also structurally ready for further expansion of office or retail space.