January 21, 2022

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Lock your photos in Google Photos

The application is more complicated from month to month.

New features make content better and more manageable. For example, whilelocked folder“It came into the Android field already in June, so at that time it could only be used on Google Pixel phones. Now, however, this option is starting to make its way to other Android phones.

Locked folder is biometrically secured and protected aj in other ways (For example, against taking screenshots). You can find this new protection option in Google Photos for Android Library. After opening this section, you need to click on Utilities (click on the right). Once you open it, a setup wizard will likely be available to help you set up this locked folder in a few steps.

Novelty protects all sensitive photos or videos from uncontrolled upload from device to cloud. The photos in the locked folder will be stored locally on the phone and protected with an access token or biometric authentication.

If you move multimedia content to a locked folder, it will be removed from all cloud backups. The locked folder is starting to be available to Slovak users as well, and we’ve also checked in with us in the newsroom. However, it is possible that this is not for everyone yet.

To check if you already have access to the new lock option, you will need to go to Google Photos – Library – Utilities – Locked folder.

Source: PhoneArena

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