November 30, 2021

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Limited Edition Xbox Series X Console Created: $10,000

Next generation consoles may not be available in the market due to loss of chips. To make matters worse, the high price tag can discourage you from buying if you belong to the luxury fashion label Gucci’s fan club. In this design a limited series was created Control unit Xbox Series X, writes edge.

The expensive (and vulgar?) console was created in cooperation between Microsoft and a famous Italian fashion house. As part of this partnership, 100 Gucci-designed Xbox Series X consoles were created. An enthusiast would have to pay $10,000 for one such console.

Photo: Gucci

They will go on sale on November 17th on the web Fashion brand and in selected stone stores. Business this way Celebrate their holidaysThe Gucci brand for 100 years, Xbox 20th birthday.

What makes the console special? Disguised in typical Gucci style with a double G, the creators also added drivers, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a large bag that you can carry your expensive consumer electronics comfortably and most importantly, in style!

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Xbox X series
Photo: Gucci

That’s it, do not depend on anything else. Gucci’s version of the console is the same as any other Xbox Series X, without changing its look and accessories. The collaboration of technology companies with fashion brands is not exceptional, it will appear from time to time.

Samsung, for example I decided recentlyThat he’ll be getting jeans made specifically for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable smartphone. Microsoft has built on a luxury that maybe 100 select lucky people with enough capital will thank him for.

If you’re interested, you can enjoy a limited edition Xbox Series X console. at this addresson the Gucci website.

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