January 21, 2022

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Like Mate Pechos Slovakia perfectly in Tokyo.  The water slalom has also been welcomed home by his lead partner BILLA

Like Mate Pechos Slovakia perfectly in Tokyo. The water slalom has also been welcomed home by his lead partner BILLA

Slovakian Matej Pechos is one of the most successful surfers in the world. In the current matches Thirty-second. the Olympics Finished in sixth place. The athlete is supported by BILLA, who has been behind it for five years. We are truly proud of Mate Piusch and thank him for representing Slovakia so well. We have been supporting his career since 2016 and plan to continue with that. Thanks to Matej, our Sports Ambassador, we can also inspire our customers to move regularly and live a healthy lifestyle, which is our long-term goal.” said Tomasz Stowe, chief financial officer of BILLA. Since sports activities and projects are very popular among BILLA employees themselves, the company naturally became the main partner of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee, as well as Olympic festival that From July 23 to August 8 take place on site xelectronic® ball in amorín.

Source: SITA

Authentic gifts from BILLA

Shortly after his arrival, Matti Piusch moved from the capital of Japan to the Olympic festival, where BILLA was also waiting for him, as well as the fans. Symbolically, she gave him a yellow-red BILLA wreath and also a special paddle covered with several types of pasta from local suppliers. With the second gifts, the company honored the slalom skills of Mate Pechos and at the same time the work of other Slovak heroes – food producers who bring high-quality and honest household products to the tables of customers.Thank you BILLA for such a wonderful gift, I have never had such a paddle in my entire career. I am also grateful to BILLA for her excellent collaboration, my performance would not have been possible without her support. I am very happy that BILLA is interested in Slovak sports because it also motivates people to relocate in addition to supporting high quality and healthy products from Slovakia., “ Water slalom player said, saying that It is also very close to Slovak products. In the current summer season, he often puts fragrant tomatoes in his cart, which were grown in locally grown orchards. I buy products from Slovakia often and often. I am trying to support Slovak farmers and farmers in this way, “ Matthew Beuss said. He also revealed that his favorite Slovak dish is bottled cabbage. However, in order to maintain a good shape, he eats a healthy diet.

Before the race, he would only eat light foods, such as bananas or a protein bar. But after the race I can get what I want, The zigzag talker is smiling.

Source: SITA

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Sports and food in one tandem

BILLA brings a mixture of sports and high-quality Slovak food into its program at the Šamorín Olympic Festival. During the event, the company prepared many sports and leisure activities for visitors, as well as tasting Slovak cuisine and refreshments from local producers. The company understands that people are united not only by a love of sports, but also by great food. Just as we care about Slovak sports, we also support local producers and take pride in honest regional products. First-class healthy food, along with regular exercise, forms the basis of a balanced lifestyle, which every athlete must adhere to., “ Presented by Tomáš Staňo. BILLA has been supporting its local products with its campaign for over a year Slovak period, recently indicating the close connection between producers and customers. “Every time we decide on a Slovak product in the store, we help the people who lovingly brought it to our table. The future of Slovak food and local suppliers is in all of our hands.” T.Staňo closes.

Source: SITA

About company

BILLA, sro, part of REWE International AG, has been operating in Slovakia since 1993. It is a leading company in the supermarket sector. It is currently operated by 157 and employs over 4,500 people. In supermarkets with an average area of ​​900 square meters, BILLA offers a wide range of brands, including private and discount brands. Among our brands are affordable Clever products, BILLA brand products, BILLA BIO organic products and a local Slovak farm. Equally important in the offer is the share of fresh products in the field of delicacies, pastries, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

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Source: noviny.sk/SITA

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