January 16, 2022

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Like a coffee shop in an old cart that drove Slovakia crazy

Like a coffee shop in an old cart that drove Slovakia crazy

This text is part of the Denník N Follow You Project We are in Brezno and Horehronie for two weeks.

Shortly after noon, a few days after the new school opened, the terrace was almost empty. However, within an hour, all the tables are occupied, despite the fact that the main tourist season is over.

Andrej and Zuzana Šramkoví opened a café here last summer, which takes advantage of its location, visual design, and menu. There are not many cafes in the area.

Depo Café offers a view of the famous Chmaroš Viaduct, one of the most photographed art monuments in our country, and in the immediate vicinity are two other railway works, Telgárt Viaduct and the Tunnel, community called Telgárt Loop.

Andrei and Zuzana Sramkovi. Picture N – Tomáš Hrivňák

“I’m Tillgartan, we’ve walked around the bridge all our lives, it’s been a bridge for us. However, social networks have done a lot, and people started taking more pictures and sharing pictures here. We noticed there were more and more cars here, but people took a quick picture of the bridge and walked away.” Not many knew that a short distance away was another bridge and the original tunnel. I would say that the Červená Skala – Margecany road, on which these ruins are located, is the most beautiful in Slovakia,” says Sramko, who returned from Bratislava with his wife and now lives in Poprad. , thirty kilometers away.

The idea in the time of corona

The young couple recalls how they suddenly had more time during the first wave of the epidemic. Before they lived actively and traveled a lot, the Corona virus slowed their pace. Sramko recalls the first debates: “Zuzka said we could open a café by the bridge, but at first we didn’t within the family quite think they would make a living in Telgart.”

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Business is no stranger to Šramkovec, the extended family just dozens of meters from the café has been running a ski resort, accommodation and a cottage for years and is the largest employer in the area.

“At first, I had no idea that a café should be in the car. She wanted to

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