January 29, 2022

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Lidl puts more than 8 million euros in wages, asserts leading position in retail - commerce and business - business news

Lidl puts more than 8 million euros in wages, asserts leading position in retail – commerce and business – business news

The discount decided to increase the wages of employees, stores and warehouses from 01.01.2022, thus increasing wage costs by 8 million euros on an annual basis

20.12.2021 12:11

Lidl, the multi-employer and most employer-friendly company, is again investing heavily in its employees’ payroll. The discount decided to increase labor costs by 8 million euros on an annual basis. Its employees will be offered increased salaries as early as January 1, 2022. So far, Lidl has traditionally been estimating wages since March, that is, at the start of a new working year. From January, employees of stores and warehouses in logistics centers can look forward to a happy new salary.

“Our employees have been in the frontline sales and logistics centers for several months, and have not had the opportunity to work from home, they are working regardless of the current pandemic situation, even during the severe lockdown, in order to ensure the food supply of the population. They deserve to express our gratitude in concrete steps Therefore, we have decided to increase their salaries from 01.01.2022.” Matisse Gala, General Manager, explained Lidla’s current move and added: “We are convinced that the conceptual steps are very logical, which is why we chose the path of a base salary increase rather than a one-time salary or a thirteenth salary. The commitment to salary increases is permanent and enforceable regardless of the evolution of the pandemic.”

Lidl, according to various indicators, is the best profit chain on the market, not hiding behind performance bonuses or other flexible surcharges. With the variable salary component, the employee never knows exactly what to expect at the end of the month. Therefore, the opponent has chosen a transparent and fair approach for years – each employee already knows exactly the evolution of his salary for the next four years when signing the contract and automatically offers contracts for an indefinite period. Working full time at Lidl stores is 38.75 hours per week.

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“The primary objective of our reward strategy remains unchanged, and we want to offer our colleagues in stores and logistics centers the most attractive salary in the sector. Our employees in stores and warehouses are at the forefront of providing the population with food throughout the pandemic, and in this way we want to thank them.” said Robert Flachbart, general manager of Lidl Slovenská republika, responsible for sales and logistics. Current Salary Increases Lidl continues with the “Happy New Salary” campaign, in which real discount employees appear.

In addition to the attractive financial assessment, Lidl also offers its employees interesting benefits, currently amounting to 370 euros per person per year. With more than 6,000 employees, this investment in benefits represents an additional €2 million for its employees. The opponent is also openly committed to diversity and inclusion. Simply put, Lidl does not recognize any differences between employees. On the contrary, he tries to satisfy their needs even in difficult life situations. The social package also includes the Lidl Inner Heart Scholarship Program.