October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Let us not look for a Creator who will allow us to expect our extraordinary salvation. The political platform

Let us not look for a Creator who will allow us to expect our extraordinary salvation.

We already know today that material essence is not the only one, yet it can be our salvation to cling to the so-called words of what is. (God) Respect for the highest principle (Adam and Eve have an apple, the fruit of knowledge).

The principle of this figure is actually the same as in the Garden of Eden (Rag)Thus maintaining the status quo (God’s rule in heaven is very simple rules).. If the person is “uneaten” (Such as) And so he destroys all the fruits that have been able to restore heaven, if there are no fruits, then he will initiate into the fertile nature the paradise of heaven, and if he also destroys it in his despair, he will try to kill God, for the sake of this work. It was not eternal.

Why, even at the dawn of civilization, some people knew that continuous consumption would destroy the existing system (temperate nature) Today we feel that when the universe is full of energy, it will only serve us and we can almost control it as a Creator. Today, some already know that our universe is more desolate than we are alive, despite the “inexhaustible” energy that holds it together. Because a system can only exist if it has existing rules and operates according to them. The key factor is the transformation cycle in favor of system sustainability. A good example of this is the stars, which first collect matter so that later they can transform it and waste the emitted energy and thus change its substance to another substance until the complete loss of matter, or rather to the singularity of matter in favor of energy, and it seems that this process takes place in such a cycle. (in an unimaginable time).

It makes sense to look for this time, which will surely overtake us, the star does not give praise and therefore does not regulate its processes, they are part of a complex interaction with the whole universe. Man thinks, and because he is not able to influence the whole system and the complexity of its interactions, for the entire period of his existence, the world simplifies himself to understand it, which is why he understands it less and less. For example, if an initial quantum has 1,000 interactions with the environment and we understand only 10 of them and act accordingly, does that mean we will master that initial quantum? No. The other 990 interactions will change the nature of this quantum and therefore its properties. When this happens on a large scale, “space” will change – a different system, which has adopted new rules to maintain “higher” rules in the set of billions of interactions the universe.

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We have already understood since prehistoric times that our Earth depends on extinction (Because everything on Earth also runs in a certain cycle from extinction to origin and then re-extinction in a repeating life cycle). Today we can at least intuitively determine the collective energy capacity of the Earth, but we can also at least intuitively estimate the capacity of renewable energy.

In the last century, we have ceased to respect the life cycle and balance of the Earth’s natural renewable energy. Just a small example, we’ve extracted a huge amount of matter from the bowels of the Earth in the form of minerals and energy raw materials, which we convert into energy that we can work with by burning this mass. In this way, we consume oxygen essential for life and accumulate gases in the atmosphere through which the Earth is warmed globally and altering its interactions with the environment. At the same time, part of the extracted material that we control does not return to the Earth, which reduces its weight and surface composition. This, in turn, changes the internal interactions of its components (cores and shells) which alters the geological processes of both the magnetism and the quantum spectrum.

We actually notice this every day and are surprised that it manifests as a reflex, which is also not true (Even the divorce of the two partners does not come after one disagreement, usually the accumulation of reasons for divorce only at some times acquires the existential nature of the need for change and divorce is the solution, if we do not repeat the same mistake, it may be the latter 🙂. What it means, only from what we know, is a change in the speed of rotation, a change in the properties of gravity, a change in magnetism, and a different interaction with the energies of surrounding space (Solar wind, neutrino penetration and radiation as carriers of degraded energy to the Earth’s biosphere,…).

So what is sustainable energy? Like the best contraceptive, “neondite” for the future of mankind, the only truly sustainable option is not to search for an unlimited source of energy, because it does not exist, but Reduce energy consumption. However, this will certainly not be achieved through the electrification of individual transport, the pressure of innovation on convenience and default choice, and the focus on so-called renewables. Wind or sun are good alternatives to bulk consumption, not because their conversion efficiency is much lower than in the case of old combustion.

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What is the Power Engineers MotivatedIncreasing profits, and this can be done by increasing the price only to a certain extent, ie Their long-term goal is to increase consumption. But as I have already indicated, the only sustainable approach is to reduce consumption. However, this goal cannot be achieved by reducing the consumption of individual devices (consumer or investment), But by significantly reducing the number of devices. Just as we’ve come to the point of sustainable farming by increasing consumption by an ever-increasing number of dependents, and these increases have been in the engineering range for some time, which means percentage metrics won’t help anymore, but are very much in line with engineering growth. What we do is just a little longer trip to the “hell” of the previous trip!

What does this mean for humanity, yes, for humanity as such. A planetary/global level of public consumption regulation must be achieved in future decisions (Agreement on the artificial impoverishment of the rich and sufficient enrichment for the poor at the expense of strict population regulation coupled with severe regulation of energy for consumption and the gradual establishment of a natural/sustainable biosphere of the Earth). Can a man do that???

If not, then nothing will actually happen, and we will just shorten the length of our biological life cycle like a human. The earth becomes very dry and cold (like most space) And so it will disappear, because the sun will change, the systems in the galaxy will end in its center with all its energy (Black hole) And the matter in the galaxy/galaxy stack/universe would also look very different than today. Only the recording time constant for this life cycle is unimaginably long for us and it’s just a topic in the intellectual games of us scientists. But this is not a question of need, but of interest, endless curiosity, good feeling, and these are all traits of satisfaction from play/entertainment, because some people play their whole lives…

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