October 23, 2021

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Leaked secret message from America!  A blatant claim about the origin of the Corona virus

Leaked secret message from America! A blatant claim about the origin of the Corona virus

The US National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore, said in a confidential report last May that the hypothesis that the Corona virus may have leaked from the Chinese laboratory appears reasonable and needs further investigation.

It was written by the Wall Street Journal, referring to the statements of unnamed persons familiar with the contents of the classified document.

The question of the origin of the virus has been a topic of debate since the beginning of the pandemic, but in recent weeks it has received increased attention in the United States and elsewhere. USA President Joe Biden recently ordered the US intelligence services to prepare a report on the source of the virus within 90 days. According to Biden, the US authorities will focus on two main hypotheses. According to the first, the virus was transmitted to humans upon contact with an infected animal, According to the second, he then escaped from a Chinese laboratory under mysterious circumstances.

According to Wall Street Journal sources, the US National Laboratory came to its conclusion about the possible origin of the virus through its genetic analysis. However, the daily notes that experts share a similar argument to support their hypothesis in the second version of events.

The State Department was interested in studying Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last fall at the end of then-President Donald Trump’s term. The conclusions of the report were significant in that they came from a respected professional institution and at the same time promoted a different view of the matter than was prevalent in the professional audience at the time., writes The Wall Street Journal.

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American diplomacy then published a list of possible circumstances in January of this year, under which the leak from the laboratory could theoretically occur. These include the critical illness cases of three employees of the Wuchan Virology Institute since November 2019, who, according to the WSJ, have been hospitalized. A prominent American epidemiologist and close advisor to Biden Anthony Fauci last week called on China to release its medical records.

In a recent interview with the Axios website, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that The United States needs to know the truth about the origin of the virus in order to better defend itself against more potential pandemics. According to him, the Chinese government does not provide sufficient information and support to international research teams.

Beijing has in the past described the hypothesis of the virus leaking from the Wushan laboratory as conspiracy theories.