January 21, 2022

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League Fortuna – Ekstraklasa – Vahan Bichachchjan from MSK Zilina to Szczecin

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One of the biggest pillars of the Slovak club MŠK ilina has been moved to Poland’s Ekstraklasa. Armén Vahan Bičachčjan will be working for the local Pogoň Szczecin team from spring.

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He is one of the biggest figures in the Slovakian top football league and one of the most prominent MŠK ilina. However, it will be in the spring Vahan Bičachčjan To continue other colors as well as the country. The Armenian football representative has moved to the current second team of Polish Ekstraklasa Pogońu Szczecin.

At the same time, only the 22-year-old left-wing skater had recently signed a contract with the “shohons”, which was due to expire at the end of December 2023. However, he will continue in Poland in the spring of the current season. Bichachyan’s departure has been confirmed ŠPORT.sk Also the sporting director of MŠK ilina Carol Belanick.

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Carol Belanick

Source: TASR

“Yes, we are currently working on finalizing the entire transfer of Vahan to Bogun Szczecin. As for the transfer amount, both parties have agreed not to publish.” An official in Jilina stated.

The market value of the Armenian football player on the specialized portal transfermarkt.de is about 900 thousand euros. He signed a contract with Pogon for 3.5 years. According to the information from ŠPORT.sk, Žilina must have collected something less than the amount from the said portal.

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Transfer Later Confirmed by the official website MŠK ilina. “Already during the fall we have dealt with several options for him to move abroad, but we agreed that he will be staying here by the end of the fall and trying his best to get as many points as possible,” Quotes from Karol Belaník club page.

Vahan has been thinking about this show for a long time, and after the Christmas holidays he told us he’d like to try another challenge in his career. Pogoň Szczecin is a club that currently ranks second in the top competition in Poland and has high ambitions. It was also very important that Pogo sold a player who plays in the Vahan position to England a few days ago, which increased the chances of regular match minutes since the beginning of his career,Belaník added.

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Vahan Biahčjan and Juraj Venglush in a Pogoňu Szczecin . shirt

Source: ŠPORT.sk

Biachčjan succeeds the talented Kozlowski

The Polish club managed to pass on its talented offspring Kacper Kozlowskeho, who played the role of a creative midfielder in the “dock” shirt. However, only the 18-year-old national team member was transferred a few days ago Brighton and Hove Albion It is claimed that it amounts to 11 million euros, but one of the participants in the Premier League immediately sent it to a guest in Belgium. Union SG.

“Bogen Szczecin was interested in Vahan all autumn. He was constantly watched, and given that they had sold Kacper Kozlowski to Brighton, England, the position became vacant and Vahan had to pay for it.” he said to ŠPORT.sk player agent Yuri Fengluch From CSM Agency.

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Vahan Bičachčjan upon signing the contract with Pogoń Szczecin

Source: pogonszczecin.pl

“Pogoň is currently second in Ekstraklsy, so they definitely want to play in the European competition and maybe even attack the title. Vahan really didn’t like the terms but also the club’s approach, so we agreed to move.” Fenglush said, “Zilina has a record contract as usual, Fahan is a very promising player and he should get a certain percentage in the event of another transfer.”

Vahan Bičachčjan came to MŠK ilina in the summer of 2017 from the Armenian club Širak Gumri. Under Dobby’s leadership, he gradually moved to the academy, until he became one of the biggest pillars of the team.

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Vahan Biachčian (22) – Armenia, Mik Zilina

Source: TASR

He played a total of 83 matches for the “Yellow Greens” team, scoring 24 goals and passing them to 16. He is currently the top scorer in the Fortuna League with seven assists, while also managing to score six goals. In 2016, Bichahchyan was ranked by the British Watchman Among the 60 greatest football talents on the planet.