January 28, 2022

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Lavrov says Russia does not want war. Negotiations with the United States will begin in January

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation briefed on the discussions with the United States of America. The first round of negotiations will be held in January 2022. Sergey Lavrov also noted that the United States is approaching Russia financially.

Russia and the United States will complete the first round of negotiations on security guarantees in January 2022. According to TASS, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced this on Wednesday.

He added that the deadline was set after a series of talks at the level of foreign policy advisors to the Russian and American presidents Yuri Ushakov and Jacob Sullivan. According to Lavrov, the composition of both teams of negotiators is known and mutually agreed upon.

Lavrov said Russia plans to use the negotiating platform in January to discuss Moscow’s proposals on security guarantees with NATO countries. He pointed out that there was an agreement between Moscow and Washington on the mechanisms of dialogue regarding security guarantees. According to Lavrov, “there is no reason why this approach should contradict the interests of all countries of the region.”

On the sidelines of recently made Russian proposals on security guarantees, Lavrov noted that the United States dealt with them in a pragmatic manner “as in business,” and added that he meant “a real reaction, not a rhetorical one.”

He stressed that the Russian Federation will do everything in its power to ensure that “Moscow’s proposals on European security are understood and taken seriously.”

Lavrov said that Russia considers the rapid coordination of the regulatory framework for future security dialogue with the United States a positive step.

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