October 22, 2021

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“Laguhon” Ilanga was nominated for a Papa Film Award

during sunsetThe short film by South African director Bhoomi Morare was nominated for the Babta Student Film Award.

The BAFTA Student Film Awards are the annual awards ceremony of the British Academy of Film and Television in Los Angeles (BAFTA).

BAFTA short list

This year’s shortlist for the BAFTA Student Film Awards was chosen from 680 entries from film school students in 34 different countries. BAFTA nominees will be announced on 9 June and nominations for the Special Jury Prize will be considered.

Lagohun YoungOne of the meanings is “when the sun goes down”. The short film was nominated in the Live Action category with the following images:

  • In addition, together – Hangzhou (American Film Institute, USA)
  • Aziz – Ramil Petros (New York University, USA)
  • Domestic Relations – Akancha Krusinski (Columbia College, Chicago, USA)
  • Abbreviation – Marlene Valian (Film Academy Baden-W ட்ட rttemberg, Germany)
  • Entertainment – Lada Imamovic (EICAR – International School of Film and Television, France)
  • Goldilocks – Philipp Stracker (Munich University of Television and Film, Germany)
  • His Dance – Bar Cohen (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Fellows (Good German Work) – Janis Alexander Kiefer (Babelsberg Film University, Konrad Wolff, Germany)
  • Inventory – Max Ovaska (Aalto University, Finland)
  • Machiado – Prospero Benza (London Film School, UK)
  • Moon Tights – Asil Khalif (University of Notre Dame, Louis, Lebanon)
  • No Law, No Heaven – Kristi Hoy (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Olot – Love Charles (Cinematography Centre, Mexico)
  • Breath – Paul Vincent de Lestrade (Higher National Institute for the Diffusion of Arts and Technology, Belgium)
  • Sami – Ontraj Hraska (Academy of Dramatic Arts, Slovakia)
  • Dear All – Leah Campbell (Institute of Technical Design + Technology, Írsko)
  • The Triangle – Peter Angelman (University of the Arts, Bournemouth, UK)
  • Yuan – Ruan Lee (New York Film Academy, USA)
  • Sweden (my husband) – Laura Dorp (Babelsberg Film University, Konrad Wolff, Germany)
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PHUMI MORARE Notification Point

The young director, who finished his final year at Chapman University in the United States, took to Instagram to share the excitement of his film, which was nominated for an international award.

He wrote, “I am very pleased to share that our short film @lakutshonilangashortfilm has been shortlisted for students at the BAFTA Awards.”

“Oh my God!!! Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew who have given me the amazing honor of working with this actor and bringing this story to life. Thank you to all of our communities and supporters who have traveled with us and we appreciate you.”

More about “Lakutsun” Sri Lanka

The film is called the hit song Miriam Macbeth from Lakotsun Lanka. The short is based on a young black nurse living in apartheid South Africa, who realizes that his passion may be jeopardized if his brother doesn’t come home after school.

“The film was inspired by my mother and the story she told me six years ago. I saw her little brother, who was a teenager at the time, being taken away by the racist police in the 1980s,” Murari said. Sweeton neighborhood.

“She shared with me how she had to fight to save him. The story made such an impression on me. I thought she was very heroic. She called the police and protected her brother.”