December 2, 2021

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La Gut Bahrami and La Bassin: Parallel competition without Flova and Shivrinova with the new champion

La Gut Bahrami and La Bassin: Parallel competition without Flova and Shivrinova with the new champion

In the middle, Slovenian snowboarder Andrea Slokarova celebrates her victory in the Parallel World Cup competition in the Austrian resort of Lech/Zorse Source: TASR / AP / Alessandro Trovati

LECH/ZURS – Slovenian skier Andrea Slokarova won the parallel World Cup competition on Saturday in the Austrian resort of Lech/Zorz. In the Grand Final, Nora Theo defeated Louise Sternsund. Third place was taken by another Norwegian Kristen Lesdalova, who beat Italian Marta Basinova.

Twenty-four-year-old Slokarová achieved her first victory in the events of the prestigious series, so far she has taken three places in the top ten. Last year’s victory in the parallel races was not defended by great globetrotter Petra Flova. After finishing third in the inaugural giant slalom in Sölden, the Slovak woman has decided not to travel to Lech and will focus on other competitions in technical disciplines in Levi, Finland (November 20-21) and Killington, USA (November 27-28) . American Michaela Shiffrin, the winner from Solden, did not start either.

Gut Bahrami finished in the round of 16

Switzerland’s Lara Gotova Bahrami, who finished second in the ice bout in October, was eliminated in the eighth final, when she did not finish in the second round against Norway’s Marta Monsen. The space was opened to other Bavarians, such as the world champions in the field – Austrian Katherine Linsberger or Bassin, but in an unpredictable competition, in addition to heavy snowfall, that is, a skater from the 16-member main field, who has come from qualifying so far , can surprise. Lensberger did not finish the second race of eight matches, with Sweden’s Sarah Hector ahead of her account.

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Bassin also missed the final

In the end, Bassin didn’t make the Grand Final either, being slower than Sternsund in a total of two semi-finals. In the first part of the final, she developed a minimum lead of 12 hundred seconds, which was not enough for her after changing lanes. You missed the penultimate target and finished 5 on the cent. The finalists were the fastest in the playoffs, and now they have exchanged their first two spots.

The Slovenian came in 14th place in Sölden, with 118 points, and leads the general standings of the world championship, ahead of Shivrin (100) and Gut Bahrami (96). Velhova occupies seventh place continuously with 60 points. “I feel good about how different I feel after winning the World Cup premiere. It’s not like I won the slalom or giant slalom, but I enjoyed it anyway. Now I’m going to prepare for the next races.” Slokar said in a TV response.

Slovenian figure skater Andrea Slokarova
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Source: TASR / AP / Alessandro Trovati

LICH Parallel SP Competition Results: 1. Andreja Slokarová (SVN), 2. Thea Louise Stjernesundová, 3. Kristin Lysdahlová (both from Norway), 4. Marta Bassinová (ITA), 5. Sara Hectorová (Sweden), 6. Marte Monsenová (Norway) , 7 . Lena Dürrová (DEU), 8. Tina Robniková (SVN), 9. Stephanie Brunnerová (AUT), 10. Coralie Frasseová Sombetová (Fr.)

The general standings of the World Championships (after two championships): 1. Slokarová 118, 2. Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) 100, 3. Lara Gutová-Behramiová (CHE) 96, 4. Stjernesundová 92, 5. Hectorová 67, 6. Katharina Liensbergerová (AUT) 65, 7. Petra VLHOVÁ (SR ) and lesdal after 60

Parallel competition rankings (1): 1. Slokarová 100, 2. Stjernesundová 80, 3. Lysdahlová 60, 4. Bassinová 50, 5. Hectorová 45, 6. Monsenová 40

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