November 28, 2021

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Kurdistan urged its residents not to travel to Belarus

The Kurdish leadership is concerned about the situation of migrants stranded at the Polish-Belarus border.

Officials in Iraqi Kurdistan warn their citizens against traveling to Belarus. Politicians claim that many immigrants trying to reach Germany in this way have been deceived by smugglers. This was reported by the Polish news website on Friday.

According to, a media campaign is currently underway in Kurdistan to warn its residents that those who decided to emigrate have become part of the hybrid activities of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

Ziyad Raouf, representative of the Kurdish government in Poland, said in an interview with Polish public radio that the Kurdish leadership is concerned about the difficult situation of migrants stranded at the Polish-Belarus border.

“We would like them to realize that they were manipulated and that the decision to leave the country and leave was not right… They listened to the smugglers, who only did it for their own financial interest,” Raouf explained.

At the same time, Kurdish officials in Poland offered to help their compatriots camped along Belarus’s eastern border with Poland.

Polsat News reported on Thursday that since the beginning of 2021, Polish border guards have recorded more than 30,000 attempts to cross the Polish-Belarus border illegally.

Since the summer, there have been numerous attempts at forced entry into Poland by foreigners gathered abroad by the Belarusian security forces, as well as provocations by these forces.

In response to this development, a state of emergency was imposed since September 183 at 183 locations in the Podlaskie and Lublin Voivodeship, bordering Belarus, and hundreds of Polish security forces were relocated there.

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