October 22, 2021

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Kucka started a big culinary business with his brother in Bojnice

Kucka started a big culinary business with his brother in Bojnice

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Bjnes – Slovak football actor Juraj Koca, 34, is already thinking about the “back door” and with his brother Patrick, 43, started a family business in his hometown of Bjnes. Together they own a large complex that includes a luxury restaurant, a new guest house with wellness, but also a botanical garden for palms. We knew Coco would make a living as a chef after his career.

Patrick, you are the right hand of your brother Juraj, who is still actively playing at the highest level. You have a restaurant and a guest house. How do you look here at the moment?

In 2018, we completed the first part of the pension. We opened on November 11, just as before the restaurant. The following year, we started building another part, which we seemed to be adding to it. It’s all done. The restaurant and guest house are fully operational for two years.

Aside from finishing the interior of the house, what has changed in your large area?

We come up with different interesting things. For example, we invented our own smoker, which can also be used with the grill. Before the European Championships, we were also happy with our football representatives in Scenic. They did a good job and of course we did. It was nice relaxation.

Your business has definitely been affected by a pandemic. As now, are you satisfied with attending the restaurant and guest house?

By opening the second part of the boarding house before we got locked up due to coronavirus, I can’t compare it to anything. However, at the moment we are satisfied, people have a good response to our services, so we depend on how they interact with us. Of course, the pandemic has affected our business, but somehow we are dealing with it and doing what we can.

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Watch our superstar JURAJ KUCKA in action here

Do you also have any backdoors in case you have to close the process again?

Yes really. We plan things in advance if this situation doesn’t surprise us and then we cry over spilled milk and do nothing. We try to beat it with our robot and plan ahead.

How often can your brother Gauraj visit your business?

It’s still minimal, because Oro works abroad. However, he tries to stay here every free moment. He always comes here to see what’s new and is interested in running the restaurant and guest house. We are in very frequent contact and talk about what we are going to do and what evaluations of plans have been achieved.