October 23, 2021

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Kotlebovci posted a hoax about monitoring the unvaccinated. The Ministry of Defense has already filed a criminal complaint

The Ministry of Defense has filed a criminal complaint against deputies of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic Marian Kotlib (ĽSNS) and Milan Mazuric (Czech Republic) for publishing the warning letter. As Martina Kovac Kakashikova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense, reported in the press release, the subject of the notification submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bratislava 1 District is false and misleading information regarding the development and use of the MOVIR surveillance system. Both MEPs posted the videos on social media. The criminal report was announced on Sunday, October 10, by Defense Minister Jaroslav Nye (OĽaNO) on the social network.

“These gentlemen have decided to draw the attention of people they trust, and through fictitious explanations about the concentration camps in which people will be placed in the Department of Defense, have deliberately misled the public in order to frighten them. I will not allow the desperate attempts to provoke and increase the preferences of these outspoken non-experts to the detriment. of the country and the confidence of the population in the armed forces of the Slovak Republic”, Nye said and stressed that the Defense Ministry does not create and plans in any way to establish “unvaccinated people camps”, nor does it offer “totalitarianism” or “new world order” in Slovakia.

He added that the Lešť Training Center is participating in the MOVIR project in order to research the inclusion of UAVs in the Reserved Area Protection System within the jurisdiction of the Leš Training Center, and therefore they can in no way be used against the residents of the Slovak Republic. “The Lešť training center is a closed military area where the civilian population of the Slovak Republic cannot reach”, He said.

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He also drew attention to the spread of false allegations. “More than 76,000 shares highlight the level of residents’ resistance to misinformation. I urge everyone not to be inclined to populist statements without a real basis and not to disseminate clearly unverified false information that can seriously and negatively affect the actions of people in particular. Let’s not hurt each other – let’s not fill the internet and people’s minds with hate based on the lies of people who deny the Holocaust but spread on chips.” added.

Kotleba and Mazurek have published information on the social network that the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic are developing a system for monitoring and isolating non-vaccinated people called MOVIR with the Technical University in Kosice. According to Mazurek, the government wants to create modern concentration camps for unvaccinated people. “In cooperation with the Slovak army and in the military fields, preparations are underway here to develop an electronic prison for people, who will be thrown into that prison on the understanding that they will refuse to submit to these measures of Covid,” Qetaliba said in the video.

Defense Minister Naeh replied that the deputies should explain to the deputies the seriousness of spreading the warning message and harming the good reputation. “I strongly reject these lies and damage to the good reputation of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. The policy of intimidation is the basis of absolute despondency and weakness!” Club confirmed in the center. The head of the Ministry of Defense also attached a link to the MOVIR project of the Kosice Technical University. It states that the objective of the project is to create and test a mobile surveillance system designed to protect isolated groups of the population from the spread of viral diseases or, conversely, to protect the population of an isolated group that has been identified as a source of risk.

The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic also commented on the situation on the social network. They stated that it is not true that the Slovak Army is developing a system to monitor and isolate the unvaccinated. They also denied that the project was between the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering TUKE. “The Kosice Technical University has excellent scientific work and pioneering scientific capabilities. We, the armed forces – and I personally – keep our fingers crossed for them. We look forward to completely different joint projects. Among other things, they educate, train and train pilots and air traffic controllers. I hope They have all the success. said Daniel Zmeko, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, in response to the information published.

Source: noviny.sk/TVJOJ

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