January 27, 2022

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Kosice football stadium prices will go up, annual public transport ticket will be cheaper :: Kosice official website

The continuation of the twenty-sixth session of the City Council today in this election period lasted exactly ten hours, even with the breaks.

Among other things, the deputies agreed to amend the DPMK tariff. Regular public transport passengers will have reasons to smile, as the annual ticket price will be reduced from 242 euros to 199 euros. They, too, will save the future, respectively. Current college students. In the case of successful graduates, respectively. The bachelor offers a university admission certificate, respectively. For the second degree of undergraduate studies, they are entitled to half the fare always until September 30 of the given year.

Another important change is that an Annual Pass holder can ask DPMK to extend its validity for 30 days. In such a case, he will submit an application stating that he will not use his annual ticket for 30 days, after which its validity will be extended at the same time.

DPMK will offer virtual travel tickets

DPMK will also offer virtual travel tickets, which will also be available for 7, 30, 90, 180 and 365 days. Virtual tickets will cost the same as tickets that passengers purchased directly in the car from a smart card (BČK). The exception will be a virtual weekly ticket priced at €11 or. 5.5 euros, which would be about a euro straight. Cheaper 50 cents from BČK.

The city council also discussed the completion of the Kosice Football Stadium (KFA). For this purpose, the government agreed last week to set aside a support of 4 million euros, which will be available until the end of 2024. Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of KFA Marcel Giboda (independent) informed MPs that the contractor has planned to complete the planned completion. The originally agreed price of 4.6 million cannot be guaranteed. This was to be guaranteed until December 20th.

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The union AVA-stav Galanta and OHL-S Slovakia Bratislava, who carried out the first part of the construction of the KFA, informed the KFA management that due to the high prices of building materials and other items, they will have to increase their agreed price by about one million. Euros if the square is completed. However, according to Gibboud, a million-dollar increase has already been included in the €4.6 million agreed in October 2021. Therefore, the city administration and the KFA consider another €1 million increase insufficient.

Christmas will determine the completion of KFA

Several alternative solutions are currently under consideration. KFA management has asked other contractors to process indicative completion bids to see if the price offered is overstated. Another possibility is to announce a new public deal for the supplier to complete Parts Two and Three of the KFA. It should have been clearer before this before Christmas. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Dec. 22nd, the KFA administration planned a presentation of city representatives and city administration directly to the football stadium buildings.

Under this clause, MEPs instructed the KFA management to conclude contracts to complete them and at the same time agreed to increase the capital of the KFA from the current €14,800,000 to €16,900,000. This increase will be implemented in two phases by the end of 2023.

The city council has also approved an exemption from occupancy fees for public spaces for owners of summer gardens and outdoor seating from February 1 to April 15, 2022, respectively. From October 15, 2022 to April 15, 2023. The proposal of the Restaurant Room of the Regional Tourism Organization Kosice – Turismos has thus complied, visit Kosice. The owners have applied for this type of compensation due to the current epidemiological measures, which are making their business significantly more difficult. The city will lose fees by about 5,000 euros, during late spring and summer, prices should be the same as before.

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There may be a 10-lane olympic pool in the city indoor pool

The deputies also discussed the planned reconstruction of the municipal indoor swimming pool, which will become the National Olympic Swimming Center in Kosice with an estimated budget of 13.3 million euros. The city will request half of this amount from a call issued by the Sports Fund or other outside sources. The mayor of the city will also negotiate the co-financing of this project by the KSK administration, which was a requirement of the state authorities.

In October, the city signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Slovak Swimming Federation (SPF), in which the two parties announced their interest in cooperating in ensuring the construction of this swimming sports center, which will meet FINA standards. This will lead to the creation of the most modern Olympic-standard complex in Kosice, where international competitions in water polo, swimming and synchronized swimming can be held, and all sections of the city’s swimming sports can train in it and at the same time will also serve the year. The 50-meter pool should become a 10-lane Olympic pool, and the 25-meter pool is to be renovated.

The road from Krásná to Košická Polianka should not be an attack on automobile shock absorbers

In today’s session, MPs also removed several property items. From the point of view of motorists coming to Kosice, the good news is that city deputies have also agreed to allocate a ceiling of 100,000 euros. From this amount, the city, together with KSK, will finance half of the reconstruction of the road from Krásná to Košická Polianka. It is scheduled to serve as a detour during the planned modernization of the Slanecká cesta in Košice, which will bring with it several traffic restrictions from next year. The said section on the outskirts of the city, which also extends into the Košice-okolie district, is in unsatisfactory technical condition and its paved surface is also a problem for cycling. The KSK road administration should begin repairing it in the spring of next year.

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