January 24, 2022

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Kiwi hits Ryanair.  Today, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of a famous ticket seller

Kiwi hits Ryanair. Today, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of a famous ticket seller

We recently informed you that Ryanair will not allow you to board a plane with a boarding pass from a well-known Kiwi ticket vendor. Ryanair has also asked the Czech seller to change some procedures – specifically the way terms are reported – and has also asked Kiwi to provide Ryanair with customer contacts, such as credit card numbers, email or accommodation.

As the gate informs Idnes.czFor the first time, the Regional Court in Brno issued a preliminary injunction on the initiative of Ryanair – Kiwi that was to change some of the information provided and to retroactively correct some of the information. The Olomouc High Court confirmed the court’s decision. Today, however, Kiwi deals a blow to Ryanair – the Constitutional Court has overturned the interim measure.

The kiwi hits back!

According to the Constitutional Court, the measure contravenes freedom of expression, the right to conduct business and the right to judicial protection. “II. The Senate of the Constitutional Court (Rapporteur Judge Kachina Shemashkova) upheld the constitutional complaint of the plaintiff Kiwi.com, overturning the decision of the Brno Regional Court and Olomouc High Court to issue a preliminary injunction in violation of the applicant’s basic claim. Right to Freedom of Expression and Business Law for Judicial Protectionstated in the report of the Constitutional Court.

Today’s decision is only part of the path we have taken to protect and respect the freedom of choice of customers so that we can continue to fight for fair market conditions in which we can innovate with other companies through innovation.A spokeswoman for Kiwi Margo said the decision of the Constitutional Court.

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Kiwi vs Ryanair

According to Ryanair, Kiwi circumvents EU regulations, which require all passengers to go through the handling process directly at Ryanair. The reason for this regulation is to provide correct information about safety and regulatory protocols that are required when traveling.

The well-known company Kiwi, coming from the city of Brno, circumvents these rules by providing passengers with their own boarding passes. Ryanair is upset and claims the boarding passes are ‘fake’.

However, a Kiwi spokesperson disagrees. He tells CheckCrunch that there is no such thing as a fake boarding pass. “For years, Kiwi.com has fulfilled all the necessary requirements to ensure a safe flight for all its customers. Of course, we provide customers with a Ryanair boarding pass,” The speaker explains. He also adds that the details on the Kiwi ticket match those on the Ryanair ticket. The only thing different is the background color.

Ryanair only found out about the “fake” tickets last year, when several passengers arrived at the gate without Ryanair’s boarding pass. However, Kiwi objected that a customer could download the original directly from the airline’s website. A Kiwi spokesperson says the cause of the conflict is elsewhere entirely.

Source: TASR / AP

It is believed that the reason for the ban on boarding is that Kiwi is selling its tickets at a cheaper rate. “Their behavior is nothing more than to prioritize their profits over the free choice of customers,” He says. At the same time, all customers promise that the company will do everything possible to support its customers.

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According to the British low-cost carrier, Ryanair has obtained a court order in effect in the Czech Republic, according to which Kiwi is prohibited from replacing customer email addresses with fake ones. This was how Kiwi prevented Ryanair from communicating directly with passengers.

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