December 2, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Kim Jong-un lost 20 kilograms, but is in good health, according to Seoul’s intelligence service

South Korean intelligence allegedly used computer-assisted intelligence to assess Kim Jong Un’s condition.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently lost about £20, but he is in good health and trying to bolster public loyalty in the wake of the DPRK’s worsening economic problems. This comes on the heels of a non-public report by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS). The Associated Press reported it.

The National Intelligence Agency (NIS) provided an assessment of the North Korean leader’s health during a closed-door parliamentary briefing. Two lawmakers, who attended a closed session, told the Associated Press. South Korean intelligence allegedly used computer-assisted intelligence to assess Kim Jong Un’s condition. Among other ways, she analyzed Kim on HD videos.

The Associated Press noted that Kim’s health has been the focus of “extreme attention” in recent months, as he “looked significantly poorer” in official photos and videos from North Korean state media. The leader of the communist regime does not openly talk about his potential successor, and thus some experts claim that a sudden inability to take office could lead to chaos in a poor country.

Kim Jong Un has to deal with the country’s economic difficulties

One South Korean newspaper even reported that Kim was using a weak double. However, the National Intelligence Agency dismissed the report as unfounded, a participant in a closed-door meeting told the Associated Press. He specified that intelligence information showed that Kim Jong Un previously weighed around 140 kilograms. It now weighs about 120 kg. According to the shekel, the North Korean leader is about 170 centimeters tall.

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Kim Jong Un has been in power since 2012. According to South Korean intelligence, he is probably going through the most difficult period in his rule due to the economic difficulties in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which have been exacerbated by the coronavirus epidemic. North Korea has yet to confirm any cases of the disease. The NIS opposes this, but added that it has not seen indications of a “significant outbreak” of the epidemic in the isolated country.