January 22, 2022

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Kicking in the back or sucking off the ground. Nové Mesto has a contract with SBS, which according to OZ Vagus attacks homeless people! | Autonomy

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The budget organization of the Novi Mesto District entered into a contract with a special security service to attack homeless people. OZ Vagus claims this and calls on the local government in an open letter for immediate compensation.

The Civil Society reported that EKO – a public utility service company entered into an agreement on the provision of security services with the private company Danubia Security sro in October 2021. In accordance with the agreement, the security service is the guarantee of public order at various sites in Novi Mesto. “According to several independent initiatives, there are physical assaults on homeless people, accompanied by kicks in the back, scuffs on the ground, expulsion from public places or being denied entry,” OZ Vagus said with concern.

The Civic Association Vagus helps end homelessness for people living in Bratislava and has provided a helping hand to those who, for various reasons, have lived on the streets for 10 years. He allegedly received in the past weeks suggestions from his clients, but also from citizens, regarding the brutal behavior of Danubia Security sro employees.

“According to the statements of many of our clients, verbal, but especially physical, attacks occur immediately. Homeless people are kicked out of the park in Račianske mýto by kicking their backs, and they tend to be stuck on the ground. Some of them have been stranded,” said Alexandra Karova, director of the Vagus Association. He would be attacked from behind, without first being asked to leave the area, adding that some customers would be attacked and kicked out of the park, even if they were just sitting there or passing by, so more homeless people started roaming the park completely and prefer a longer route.

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These suggestions should come not only from homeless people, but also from citizens. The same situation will happen around Kuchajda. Therefore, 20 employees of the Vagus Association sent an open letter to Daniel Hulín, who signed the contract as the person authorized to perform the function of director of EKO – a utility service company. In the letter, they asked to withdraw from the contract with Danubia Security sro since this contract is only valid for two months, they also requested not to renew it.

Kárová is aware that public spaces in Račiansk mýto are used by some groups of people to use alcohol and disturb the environment around their behaviour. However, he considers the actions of the SS unacceptable. Therefore, in an open letter, OZ Vagus also called for a resolution of the situation from the Nové Mesto District Council, headed by Mayor R. Kus.

OZ Vagus considers the local government a key partner in solving the problem of homelessness. In the long run, he notes, it struggles with most parts of the city not being interested in solving problems together and systematically. “During the two months in which the said SBS will take care of public order in the Novi Mesto region, the company will receive a fee for the provision of security services up to a maximum of 9,600 euros. According to Published Contracts It represents the same high amount of subsidies received by three NGOs (OZ Vagus, OZ Stopa, Depaul Slovensko, no) working with the homeless in Bratislava from Novi Mesto Province in the past three years,” Karova identified.

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The city council must be informed of this contract. “Once again, we are in a situation where, on the one hand, the city district wants to solve the problem of homelessness, and on the other hand, it does not adequately support the professional organizations working in this field and does not invite them to solve the current homelessness problem. In an open letter, Vagus makes suggestions to solve.

Local MP Pavol Galampos also supported SBS’s work on his social network profile.

The operation of SBS in the region was to be agreed strictly on the basis of its initiative. We contacted the representative about the issue and we will add his reaction to the article.

Karova added in a directed message: “Public space is available to everyone and no one can decide who can enter it and who can not. If someone disturbs public order, it is necessary to contact the police. This is not illegal in itself.” to the local government. How OZ considers dealing with people who are unable to adapt individually and without physical violence, as well as problem solving in cooperation with the police, to support organizations that work with homeless people in a particular area, to operate a homeless service or to provide accommodations or financial support to organizations that run such services .

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