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Keep these 6 things in mind when choosing an interior door

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We open the door an average of 22 times a day, provided we have, of course. This means eight thousand a year (plus minus). That is why it is a good idea to take the time to choose the door. To “fit” into the space, consider at least these six tips.

1 left or right? This is the most important question

And how do you know that you need a right or left door? Quite simply: stand in front of the opening of the building, imagine with which hand you open the door to the bottom of the room. The left door has hinges on the left side and can be opened with the left hand. On the contrary, the right door has hinges on the right side and opens with the right hand.

Switches must not be installed near the door construction opening. The minimum recommended distance is 8 to 10 cm.

2 Build on consistent style

In terms of design, you will find a large selection of doors on the market with different fillings – solid doors, with glass inserts, with a graphic design or combined with other materials, such as aluminum. The door cover should mainly harmonize with the floor – it can be the same or on the contrary.

Interior with sliding doors in the box

Sliding doors in the case save a lot of space. However, it is necessary to think about them when planning construction, respectively. before reconstruction. The surface treatment of door frames is usually chosen to be the same as the door, in order to achieve a harmonious appearance. (Sapeli TENGA 28 door in natural veneer finish) Source: Sabeli

Do not rely on swatches and online catalogs, as the colors shown often differ from reality. A sure bet is a personal visit to the store and a selection of samples available there.

Some door models are part of groups in which individual models differ in the degree of glazing and filling. The advantage of such combinations is that you can gently change the doors inside the interior, while maintaining a unified design and style.

From a genre point of view, the most common solution is a classic revolving door with visible hinges. However, modern revolving doors also have hidden hinges that sink into wall level. If you need to save space, you can bet on a sliding door – the slide can be placed in the structure or fixed to the wall.

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3 Color and aesthetics are not the most important selection criteria. Also be interested in articles

The sound and thermal insulation properties of the door, as well as its price, depend on the materials used. In addition, the build quality also determines the life of the door.

As far as door panels are concerned, they are definitely not worth the savings here. The material that fills the frame insulates and gives the door strength. You can choose from several types of gaskets (choices listed from cheapest to most expensive): paper (honeycomb) wadding, polystyrene, reinforced polyurethane board, lightweight or rigid board (DTD), spruce slats, MDF board and wood (solid wood) .

Door sellers will mainly lure you in for the price. If it is very useful, that is, if the door is offered for a few tens of euros, then it is assumed that its filling will most likely be honeycomb, that is, special cardboard. These doors cannot be expected to dampen noise, such as chipboard or MDF boards, and these doors will also be more susceptible to mechanical damage.

It’s helpful to know the door’s configuration as well because not everyone fits everywhere. It is also necessary to take into account the environment in which the door will be – in the bathroom, in the basement? Remember that the door can “work” when the humidity changes, ie. gently or more deformed. And the better its filling and frame, the higher the likelihood of deformations.

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a sliding glass door and leaf decoration

Glazed doors or even entire sliding walls are ways to bring more light into the interior. (JAP Sting Door, frame made of aluminum profile, manufactured to a height of 2800 mm, board with drawings) Zdroj: JAP Slovakia

4 Finishing is not just about color and decoration

Depending on the type of surface treatment, it is determined how resistant the door is to scratching and abrasion, but also to dirt. The most common materials used for surface treatment include laminate (plain, 3D, foil with increased protection against scratches), laminate and veneer. The latter is of the highest quality and also the most expensive. It ripens over time and may partially change color. If you decide to foil, it is better to choose the so-called CPL films with increased scratch resistance. They have better quality than ordinary films.

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Today, the choice of a different surface structure for the door is no longer a problem – from a smooth surface to a surface with a distinctive and recognizable wood drawing, even with chips that can faithfully imitate different materials. Thanks to the number of trims, there is no problem to unify the surface treatment of individual elements in the interior or, on the contrary, distinguish them, namely, floor doors or other furniture elements.

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Do you choose the security door?  That's good to know!

Do you choose the security door? That’s good to know!

Choose the door in relation to the complexity of its future operation, so also consider where it will be located.

5 Don’t underestimate choosing the right door frame

Especially during the reconstruction of old apartments, some owners will face the dilemma, what about the original steel door frame? Those who are pressed for time or money, opt for lining it. If you are facing the same question, we advise you to consider the arguments for and against this solution.

+ A simple and quick “structural” solution – no need to cut or carve the original door frames, removing excess dust and clutter during rebuilding. Only the hinges on the door frame are cut so that they do not interfere with the installation of the new door frames.
+ Aesthetic transformation of the interior in a short time.
+ Doors and frames can be made precisely to measure.

When tiling original door frames, consider reducing the door aisle opening by at least 3 cm on each side, so that it is 6 cm narrower (but there may be more) and 3 cm of height will be removed. With a door width of 90 cm, such a solution is possible, you will still have a transition hatch with a width of 84 cm. However, when it comes to doors with a width of only 60 cm, this is not a good solution.
You will have approximately 54 cm left for the transition (with the variant with a 6 cm stenosis).

Interior with door with skylight

Do you want more light? The niche elegantly fills the space between the door and the ceiling. The door will be visually enlarged, and small rooms will seem more airy. (Sapeli GLATT door – HARMONY 80, natural Halifax oak, satinato glass with skylight) Source: Sabeli

6 Think of the door in time

Take the perspective of time into account. No manufacturer or supplier will supply you with a door from day to day. The selection, concentration, production and assembly itself may take several weeks. Companies offer Focus mostly for free, but even here you have to count on two to five days. The longest process is door production and delivery – for custom made doors, it can take 8 or 10 weeks. Installation should not take more than one day maximum.


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