January 21, 2022

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JOJka wants operators not to publish T Sport.  Sent them prompts to close

JOJka wants operators not to publish T Sport. Sent them prompts to close

It is alleged that the TV only wanted to protect its purchased sports rights.

JOJ . business group She launched her own sports TV JOJ Šport is currently trying to ensure that the Czech public television ČT Sport is not available on the market. Her years in the market didn’t matter, now the situation has changed – JOJ has bought some sports rights to our market.

For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that Czech TV never gave Slovak operators permission to distribute a sports station in our territory. But it does not “fight” proliferation. It was a kind of noble agreement between Czech TV and RTVS – they didn’t mind that viewers in the other country always had access to their stations.

We also talked about JOJ in this thread. She declined to comment.

Czech TV has been bothering JOJ for a long time

The long-term availability of Czech television in our country and RTVS in the Czech Republic did not bother commercial television and other market entities either – the Czech Public Broadcasting Corporation does not ask for money from Slovak operators nor does it sell advertising in our market.

JOJka is already in 2017 Slovak operators calledTo turn off Czech TV stations. That’s when she was met with a huge wave of hesitation. It’s been a few weeks She changed her words She stated that it wasn’t really the end of her stops here. It is said that she was primarily disturbed by the existence of the Nova and Prima channels – that is, the trading stations. On Czech television, it should have prevented her from giving consent to the Slovak operators, although she does not have rights over our territory.

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At the time, we noted that it was also common in Europe for operators to offer public service television from other countries – in full, even though they did not purchase the valid content acquisition licenses of another country.

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JOJ has also tried to finish CT stations in recent years.

Source: Czech TV

It’s currently a ČT . sport

JOJ Television does not currently want to be the complete end of Czech TV stations in our market. At the moment, you would like operators not to distribute ČT Sport, which broadcasts content to which JOJ has the rights to JOJ Sport.

at the end of november I managed to come to an agreement with SkylinkThat the station was closed by the Slovaks – after many years.

“The law firm representing TV JOJ has warned us that some of our Slovak clients may be able to access the ČT Sport programme,” Jaromir Gleznik, a member of the board of directors of the M7 Group, told Živé.sk.

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Skylink banned Slovak sports station ČT Sport. because of JOJ

Others want to negotiate or seek other options

Hundreds of thousands of customers of this operator lost access to the station. So far, JOJ hasn’t worked out with other players who are still providing streaming to viewers.

Telecom with Digi Slovakia They said they wanted to talk to JOJ first about it.

“The Slovak Telekom group is in contact with the presenter of JOJ Šport. First of all, we have to explain to each other the contentious issues that have arisen regarding the spread of JOJ Sport in the Slovak market. Only after they are clarified will we be able to take a position on the Distribution of sports content through our television services.

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orange He said he complied with all applicable contracts with broadcasters. “Therefore, if a broadcaster does not have broadcast rights in our territory, we will take all steps to prevent infringement of the rights of the local broadcaster associated with the station,” said Orange spokeswoman Alexandra Biscon. Whether this will mean the end of ČT Sport at the show and since then, she has not said.

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CT Sport is widespread in many operators on the market.

Source: Czech TV

UPC a sattro They don’t want to comment on the topic yet. antique He said that negotiations with all stakeholders had just begun.

swan He also confirmed that he was called up to shut down ČT Sport. He says he understands JOJ’s investment in content. However, he does not want to exclude the station – he plans to block only selected content. “These will only be sports programs for which JOJ Šport has purchased rights in Slovakia,” said Swan spokesperson Pavel Ďurík.

Better TV She said that she did not receive the challenge – everything should remain as before. O2 He does not have the ČT Sport channel shown.

JOJ Group has been able to agree with almost all operators on the market to add JOJ Šport. The only exception is Telekom a Digi Slovakia.