October 21, 2021

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JOJ Sport tests in DVB-T2

JOJ Sport tests in DVB-T2

The broadcast of the program via the antenna will be even richer with the new JOJ Šport sports channel. Technical tests of the software appeared today in the first nationwide DVB-T2 multiplexer. The stream is currently broadcast unencrypted (HD / MPEG-4). Viewers with the possibility of receiving programs via antenna can watch the trailer for JOJ Šport, which will start broadcasting soon. However, in the future, the program will be encoded and will be available only to subscribers of the Plustelka platform.

JOJ Šport will provide viewers with broadcasts from many sporting events. There should be broadcasts of downhill skiing, athletics, triathlon, and indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, handball and more. In the years from 2024 to 2028, it should also be the World Hockey Championship. Thanks to JOJ Šport, Slovak viewers will be able to cheer on screens like Petra Vlhová at the Alpine Ski World Cup (since 2021/22 season), sprinter Ján Volek and other Slovak athletes at local and world sporting events. The official start date for JOJ Sport is unknown, it was scheduled to start in September.

During our tests, JOJ Sport was distributed in MPEG-4 (H.264) compression format. The average video data rate was 7.40 Mbps. It was later reduced to 6.30 Mbps.

Let’s mention that there are other changes that occurred in DVB-T / T2 today. Sport 2 HD switched to the newer HEVC format, Sport 2 (SD/MPEG-4) appeared in the second multiplex and Sport 1 (SD/MPEG-4) moved from the first multiplex to the fourth. We have already provided the details previously Report.

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