April 17, 2021

John Le Carr: Tinker tailor Soldier Spy British writer dies | UK News

British writer John Le Carr, Tinker tailor Soldier Spy and author of The Night Manager have all died at the age of 89, his literary agent has said.

The literary elder, whose real name was David Cornwell, died after a brief battle with pneumonia. His death was not COVID-19 Related.

Curtis Brown Group CEO Agent Johnny Keller announced the news in a tweet Sunday night.

“With great sadness, I must announce the passing of John Le Carre, one of the best writers in the world,” the post read.

Born in 1931 in a pool in Dorset, Le Carr studied at Bern universities and Oxford in Switzerland before starting his secret intelligence service.

He became an MI5 officer in 1958 and later transferred to the foreign intelligence service MI6, where he worked under the auspices of the Second Secretary at the British Embassy in the German city of Pon before turning his hand to writing spy novels.

His agent described him as the “undeniable giant of English literature”, he defined the Cold War era, and his works were read and nurtured around the world for six decades.

In 1963, Le Corre received international acclaim for the publication of his third novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Gold, which made him one of the most famous spy writers in the world.

His greatest role appeared in several novels, including the 1974 Tinker tailor Soldier Spy – which later adapted to the big screen in the Gary Oldman-starrer Spy Thriller – Smiley People, released in 1979.

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Knight Manager, published in 1993, is Le Care’s first post-Cold War novel, describing a covert operation to overthrow a major international arms dealer. It was later adapted into a six-part mini-series on BBC One in the UK starring Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Larry and Olivia Coleman.

Spy novelist John Le Carr 1965 film

A statement shared on behalf of the spy teacher’s family confirmed he had died of pneumonia.

“It is with great sadness that we must confirm that David Cornwell – John Le Carr – passed away from pneumonia last Saturday night after a brief battle with the disease,” it said.

“David lives with his loving wife Jane, who is almost 50, and his sons Nicholas, Timothy, Stephen and Simon.

“We are all deeply saddened that he went. Our thanks to the wonderful NHS team at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Troy for the care and kindness shown throughout his stay. We know they share our grief.”

John Le Carey in the first scene of The Night Manager in Berlin in 2016
Author at the first scene of The Night Manager in Berlin in 2016

Fans have been paying tribute to the author on social media following the news of his death.

Louis Mensch, a Blogger and former Conservative MP, tweeted: “I’m so sorry to hear that, he’s a patriot. When I was a novelist in the UK, we shared an agent. # JohnLeCarré. “

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy UK with John Le Carey (R) cast Benedict Cumberbatch (L) and Colin Firth
John Le Carr (right) with Benedict Cumberbatch (left) and Colin Firth at Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy UK premiere

Writer Simon Sebak Montifere tweeted that he was “heartbroken”: “#JohnCarre is gone: the Titan greats of English literature there, the creator of his own masterpiece world, the study of the ideology and power of the character of the betrayer Ka Rava.” And generously to me and many others. “

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Another Twitter user, Pat Scorberg, wrote: “RIP John Le Carey You gave me so many hours of pleasure.”