January 21, 2022

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JBL has a sale where you will save tens of euros.  What do you choose?

JBL has a sale where you will save tens of euros. What do you choose?

We have good news for you, one of JBL’s most popular brands has been involved in sales. JBL, in cooperation with its authorized dealers, has prepared an interesting offer where you can find products at a discount of up to 40%.

JBL launched the first wave of sales since December 25, 2021. It plans to expand this offer in the new year with other interesting models. Therefore, it is worth watching JBL website Or your favorite distributors who provide JBL products. But be careful, the event is planned for the end of January 2022, but it may end soon if the products of the event are sold out. Are you ready for offers that aren’t turned down? Let’s go!

A very exciting offer is definitely great headphones for JBL QUANTUM 200 and JBL QUANTUM 300 operators at a discount of up to 25%. For example, headphones JBL Quantum 200 With a microphone he will give you 44.90 euros after the new version. top model JBL Quantum 300 After the discount you can buy for 63.90 euros.


Headphones for athletes JBL Under Armor® True Wireless X . FlashWhere you get 36% discount. At €115.00, the purchase is definitely worth considering, you can also look forward to JBL Charged Sound or Bionic Hearing equipped with TalkThru technology, which allows you to quickly interact with your training partner and Ambient Aware technology, so you can hear your surroundings to ensure increased security.

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Headphone models also available JBL TUNE 600BT NC a JBL LIVE 650BT NC With Active Noise Reduction (ANC) at an attractive price of 59.90 € and 99.00 € respectively. In this case, it is a discount of up to 38%, while the JBL LIVE 650BT NC headphones were also awarded an important EISA award as the best product of 2019-2020 in the case of headphones with noise canceling technology.

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Many people love JBL especially because of the portable speakers that have an unmistakable sound. Of course, the sale also includes the popular portable speakers that the model represents JBL Extreme 2. You can enjoy it after a discount of 199.00 euros.


For fans of home cinema sound quality, soundbars are available JBL Cinema SB120 a JBL Bar 5.1 surround With ALEXA unit. Their price will pleasantly surprise you. You can enjoy the CINEMA SB120 model for as little as 135.00, which is an excellent price after 20% off.

take a lookJBL Cinema SB120 – With this speaker you won’t miss a word from the movie


In addition, in the exclusive offer, which is valid for NAY only a few days, you can find wireless in-ear (TWS) headphones. JBL Wave 100 At a great price of €35.94 you can also find the speakers in this offer JBL BAR 5.1.0 Update At a special price of 599.00 euros.