January 27, 2022

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Jan Gordolic: Crash after a subsidy of 120 thousand euros!  Who stopped his fat support?

Jan Gordolic: Crash after a subsidy of 120 thousand euros! Who stopped his fat support?

Curator, screenwriter and comedian Jan Gordulich, 41, has had a hard time during a protracted pandemic, as have most entrepreneurs and artists.

However, in his case, it became cloudy or became apparent because state institutions stopped giving him ownership of his cultural works. It is clear from publicly available sources that the smile came after Gordolic’s cry, when he entered his accounts more than 120 thousand euros!

However, despite his generous financial infusion, he shut down his business. Recently, he has been interested in help from his contacts in the highest places and is trying to acquire new profitable places within Bratislava to restart his business.

Despite Ján Gordulič’s success in the art industry, the pandemic brought him to his knees. He had to close the Strong Speech Comedy Club and Cafe, which he said he supported on his own. The crisis of the former RTVS Post postman disaster has left you in many businesses after making money, so turn to ministries or trusts for help.

In most cases, he marched. When he could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel, he received €75,000 from the Ministry of Culture for one of his companies. Then a grant was paid to reduce the economic impact in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic from the state budget in a lump sum.

About two weeks later, the Department of Minister Natalie Milanova also issued a second grant of the same name in the amount of 41,248 euros to another company. Although many only dreamed of such a financial injection, Gordolic succeeded. “Within what the state can afford, that’s enough support. You helped me, I wasn’t expecting that. I had no idea that would happen. I got some special money I got from other things and gave it to the club, for example. I think the support is sufficient, but it is doubtful, because I am one person eseroča, ”said the mediator about the high subsidies to Novas.

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“It is doubtful what in the company, where there are two, three … I was lucky. I was not affected by any other support. I am grateful for anything. I was able to stand on my own two feet. Those years were bad, but this greatly helped me not to go completely bankrupt, ”added Gordolic, who still had to close his comedy club.