January 16, 2022

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It will take Britain at least a week to fix the fuel problem

Fuel stocks at service stations will return to normal in seven to ten days.

It will take Britain at least a week to put an end to fuel supply problems. The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said after the government sent troops to London for distribution on Monday.

The association estimates that fuel supply to service stations will return to normal in seven to ten days. Gordon Palmer, director of the organization, told Sky News Television.

Not weak distribution, but excessive demand

He said the fuel supply situation had already improved almost throughout the United Kingdom, but fuel shortages persisted due to high population density around London.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spokesman Max Blaine said the demand for petrol at petrol stations was high, not a weak supply. He acknowledged that consumers in London and the southeastern UK still had difficulty accessing the fuel.

PRA represents 65% of the 8380 independent service centers in the United Kingdom. The fuel crisis entered its 12th day on Monday and lasted longer than some in the industry expected.

The army helped

British troops began refueling service stations on Monday, sparking panic purchases due to a shortage of tank drivers and running out of fuel at several stations.

About 200 troops, half of them drivers, are engaged in Eskel’s operation to alleviate fuel shortages.

Despite the help of troops, five petrol stations in London and the south-east of England are still out of fuel, although the crisis is “almost over” in other parts of the country, PRA chairman Brian Maderson said.

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Critics accuse Britain of leaving the European Union (EU) after a new corona virus outbreak and complications, transforming the thousands of foreign drivers who fled the country after Brexit.