January 28, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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It will self-destruct when the button is pressed.  Russia developed a USB key that protects your data 100%

It will self-destruct when the button is pressed. Russia developed a USB key that protects your data 100%

You must have seen in the movies a medium or carrier of some information, which, having read it to the addressees, will automatically be destroyed forever, thus erasing all evidence. From now on, it seems like it’s not just about science fiction.

DSL.sk . Warning To the new USB key of the Russian company Technodinamika. Researchers belonging to Rostec Holding, by the way, a state-owned company that works closely with secret services and the military, have prepared a device with a simple button on the outside.

It is a key that instantly handles the irreversible destruction of the data on this portable disk. Message But he also clarifies that he is an “electronic detonator”. However, use must be safe in all circumstances, because even after firing, the key body itself will not be disturbed. However, this will no longer be said about the data storage chip.

The detonator switch requires the detonator (unlike other USB media, where there is only a memory stick and a few circuits) another built-in power supply, otherwise detonation is possible only after connecting to the USB port of the device. However, do not expect any fiery miracles, after activation, the motherboard is practically “burned out”.

“In today’s digital world, data protection requires special attention. We have created a device that is able to reliably protect information from unauthorized access. The impossibility of recovering it has been confirmed by experience. In the future, the device will be tested for long-term storage safety, resistance to Mechanical and climatic factors, as well as how it works in different housing designs, says Igor Nasenkov, Director of Technodinamika.

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It will be possible to produce a USB key of different sizes. The clients will, of course, be government agencies, but it is also likely that they will be private companies and individual clients.