December 7, 2021

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It wasn’t appropriate to call me up after six matches

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How does he view the criticism from fans who are calling for his dismissal and what does he think of Jan Kovacic’s statement? The coach of the Slovak national football team, Stefan Tarkovic, also spoke on these topics.

Tarkovic became coach of the national team a year ago in October before the draw for promotion to the European Championship. He originally agreed to cooperate with the head of the East Coast Region, Jan Kovacic, only at the aforementioned meeting, after which he continued as coach. However, the ongoing qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup did not go as expected – two matches before the end of the qualifiers, the Slovaks did not have a chance to participate in the draw.

“Big football is about results, and the goal was to advance to the World Cup. The fact that we played the last five matches well without points is not entirely positive. I am very pleased with the progress because it is a difficult team to make at a national level. Italy coach Roberto Mancini said, After winning the European Championship, 3.5 years of working in the team has finally manifested itself, they have very high-quality players. However, I am very happy with the comparison between our team a year ago and now – there is a lot of progress and we can play even better, “ Tarkovic said in an interview with Denek N.

The national team coach also spoke about whether players’ agents interfere in the nominations in any way. “Of course not, I do not work with players’ agents, and perhaps that is why I am not particularly popular with some journalists. These are not agents, although some have criticized me openly, but they have the right to do so. But for me, relations with players will be the The most important always and it’s fair,” Tarkovic claims.

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Due to indecision in the playoffs, but also due to unattractive gameplay, he was heavily criticized and many fans called for his dismissal. “Pressure is part of my profession, if I can’t handle it I probably won’t. Of course, negative pressure isn’t optimal. I regret that the media sometimes abuses their power. You know, a coach got fired after six games, when there was nowhere for me to shut down. The team, it’s misplaced. However, we live in a time like this, I’m a famous media personality and because the results weren’t perfect, the reaction was the same. I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism, I make mistakes like everyone else.”

SFZ President Kováčik publicly described the results achieved in qualifying as a failure and a disappointment. According to him, our team took at least second place. How does Tarkovic see his future as a coach for the first team?

“It’s in the hands of the Executive Committee and the President. I will give them an assessment report and it will be up to them how to make the decision. As for what he said to the media: I’m not saying I wasn’t surprised, but he said what I’m saying. The goal was to advance to the World Cup and I, as a coach, are responsible.” About the results. Qualifications will be analyzed and further steps will be taken.” Added by Denník N.