January 29, 2022

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It was one of the most controversial games of the decade.  Now there is a chance that the second part will come

It was one of the most controversial games of the decade. Now there is a chance that the second part will come

It seems that one of the most controversial games of recent years will finally continue, Video Game Records. Death Stranding 2 takes on real-world contours, but we have a long and uncertain journey ahead.

The arrival of a new part of the paradoxical game from popular game maker Hide Koji was confirmed in a recent interview with the game’s central protagonist, well-known actor Norman Reedus.

When asked about the future of the brand, he replied that he believed Death Stranding 2 would be created. This isn’t the first statement from Reedus that they’ve also announced the arrival of a sequel.

Kojima Productions

In March of last year, a well-known actor from The Walking Dead confirmed that he is currently negotiating the creation of another stage for Hide Koji. However, at the time, he didn’t specify that it should be Death Stranding 2.

After its release in November 2019, Death Stranding divided the gaming camp into two bases – one group of players slandered Modernism and called it a walking simulation or delivery service, while the other camp couldn’t allow for an unseen world and complex story setting.

Release uncertain and out of sight

For Sony, too, it was far from the success that the gaming company had imagined, and for a long time the news sales numbers were not known. Sony representatives shared with them a year and a half after the release of the game, while Death Stranding was scheduled to sell about five million copies.

However, the numbers have certainly been helped by the release of the title on PCs last summer, and the final director’s version is currently being prepared, which, in addition to graphical improvements, also contains new missions and additions to the game. You can see them Also in a video from Gamescom.

“Death Stranding” / Kojima Productions

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Norman Reedus’ statement now gives the brand hope to continue, but for now nothing is certain and the situation with Death Stranding 2 could change dramatically.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also shown interest in Hide Koji’s services, with him in the recent past in talks about exclusive collaborations, while the iconic game maker has signaled the emergence of new projects, including a new game from the University of Silent Hill.