November 28, 2021

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It was disastrous. Players must realize that they are playing for the Slavs

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Wednesday’s matches of the 16th round of the Slovakian Extra Hockey League made a change at the helm of the top domestic competition. The leaders HC Slovan Bratislava and HK Dukla Ingem Michalovce lost and remained at 31 points, which were used by hockey players Nitra and Zvolen, who moved to first place. Second place in the evaluation.

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Hurricanes helped kick Slovan off the top of the table and broke the negative chain…

‘Bellas’ lost 2:4 on the ice at Spišská Nová Ves on Wednesday and did not score in the overtime league in three consecutive duels, the Zemplín people came out empty under Zobor and lost 0:3 in Nitra.

Slovan coach Robert Dom was not satisfied with the performance of his team players in Šbeis. “The duel is difficult for me because we played in a disastrous way. I don’t want to take credit for Spišská Nová Ves, because she deservedly won. She was a little better in the third half, but some players have to wake up. playoffs.

Players need to realize that they are playing for Slovan and it will still be difficult. This is not an excuse but a fact. Some players may not play in Michalovci, and maybe we haven’t seen us play that bad yet,” Coach Dom said at a press conference after the end of the extra-league duel.

Hurricanes defeated the Slavs for the first time in a very long time. “The evaluation from us is definitely more positive, because we won. We were curious about how the players would run after a long break. We had a good opponent in front of us and we didn’t lack motivation. Slovan was dangerous in front of goal, but we saved a lot of shots there. Open to the end, “ Coach Miroslav Mosnar commented on winning the three points.

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Nitra decided to win in the second half, Mikalovci couldn’t score

The Michalovici people had before Wednesday and they currently have 31 points in their account, plus Slovan. They took second place in the table only because of the worst result, and now they have fallen to fourth place. “The mathematics is clear to everyone – there are no goals, although there is a very good game, you can think of a maximum of a point. In the attack we were not very active, we were not very dangerous. On the contrary, we gave Nitra a lot of space in the back, We were passive and not aggressive. Third we tried to do something with the result, there were half chances, some raid. We need to congratulate Nitra with three points, it’s a well deserved result,” Assessed as assistant coach Juraj Faith.

Domestic contentment reigned, with Nitra grabbing three points, jumping to the top of the extra league table, one point ahead of Zvolin, Slovan and Michalovci. “At the beginning the teams were obviously relaxed. They rode up and down and over time they added chances on both sides. We had it there, not the opponent. Especially during the second break we spoke in 3:0, a bit unfortunate for us. So we were careful. The opponent later had some chances, but he didn’t score and we were able to finish the match. David Hunzik didn’t score the zero at the end, so we’re satisfied.” Assistant coach Joseph Rakow said.

Zvolen tackled the inconspicuous Liptovský Mikuláš on home ice and took second place in the rating. The duo’s lead was also used by Košice, who defeated Banská Bystrica 5:3 at home. The steel workers approached the top of the table by three points. “It was a very difficult match after the national team’s break. Although we did not avoid hesitation, we played well overall. We had many chances and we are happy that we started the next part of the tournament with a victory”, Kosice coach Kali Kaskinen commented.

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