January 27, 2022

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It was a great show for all formations

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New American hockey player Westin Michaud completed his premiere at HC 05 Banská Bystrica on Tuesday evening. He presented himself in the Tepos Extraliga duel against Poprad and scored a goal in a 7:3 win and set up the other two goals.

The 26-year-old center sparkled with many beautiful moments on the ice, attracting particular attention with his clever hockey stick.

“We all put in an excellent team performance. In the first place, we all played well in defense and were able to win in attack. It was a great showing for all four squads. I am proud of the whole team for the way we played,” He said after his victory over Poprad MichoudWho did not want to highlight his share of earning three points.

“I felt great. I am happy to be here. However, we still have to work hard and then we will show our greatest strength in matches. Learning new things in training will open up great opportunities for us on the ice. We are excited to be able to play matches, especially At such a hungry time. But the most important thing is the team.”

Milos Popila and Nikita Serbak introduced themselves to Westin Michaud in the attack. The Russian hockey player scored two goals for Poprad, while the Slovakian player Popila gave Michud a goal.

“Westen did very well. He pucks well, he knows where we are, he helped us. He’s handy, smaller in stature, but he uses it to his advantage, works well with his hands, has an overview and makes good scoring. When my teammates play well. Good at the line, I play better. Plus, Westin fits into our game, which is very good.” it’s not a secret Milos Popila.

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The first New Year’s goal in the extra league belongs to Banska Bystrica striker Alex Vohonski. In the third minute of Tuesday’s duel, he scored poorly.

“I will only find out now that I scored the first goal of the new year in the extra league, so I hope that captain Ivan Satlinka will not score it and I will not have to pay for it at the box office. Perhaps you will work on some cake that I will give the boys in the locker room. I still have the old year, ” Laugh at the press question Výhonský, who was particularly pleased on Tuesday evening, that his teammates from the attack, Tamchy and Capacci, also triumphed over Poprad.

“The fact that we are doing well is also a sign of confidence. We get more space on the ice and try to take advantage of it. We are doing well. However, I think the whole team put in a solid performance against Poprad. We played responsibly for 60 minutes. We start to change chances, To score goals, which every player in the team enjoys. We hope you will continue to do so.” Pavilion Banska Bystrica, Výhonsk noted.

In Belarus, the arbitrators realized the technical goal after a strange situation: