January 28, 2022

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It is too late to change the catastrophe. Omicron is spreading too fast, experts in the UK warn

The United Kingdom had a major problem with the alpha and delta types, which gradually spread throughout Europe and Slovakia. The country is currently battling a new mutant called Omigron. The measures to be taken in a few more days are also part of the struggle.

As the portal says Defender, Passengers arriving in the United Kingdom should be tested for corona virus before departure. The reason is the concern about the expansion of the new variant. The number of people affected by this variation has increased by 50% in a single day.

Although the country is moving relatively fast, many experts agree that it is still too late. Professor Mark Woolhouse, a member of the Scientific Epidemiology Group (Spi-M) on modeling, said the move was necessary but would not make a significant difference.

The professor firmly believes that Omigron is spreading in the UK and that this is causing the next wave of the disease. However, he added that it was important to identify the possible events that could accelerate the spread of the disease in the country in a timely manner. These are the cases that tourists can bring. “I think it’s too late for the next wave to change.” Said the expert.

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According to the latest figures from the UK Health Security Agency, there have been 86 new cases of this option since yesterday. Currently, the total number of affected omigran types is 246.

Woolhouse said that was a small number so far. It is important to note that the number of infected omigranes grows relatively rapidly, in this case the difference between the two days is up to 50%. According to the professor, Omigron could become a dominant variant in the world.

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The vaccine may help

Expert findings show that Omigron is very portable and spreads very fast. Some experts have said that if this continues, Omigron will transform the delta in the world. Although Omigran is respectable, vaccines against it work well. If omigran vaccines do not show 100% effect, they are even more important. For Delta, the 3rd dose was shown to significantly affect the course of the disease and hospitalization.

Professor Willem Hanekom, director of the African Institute for Health Research in South Africa, said that although the mutation is highly contagious, the chance of re-infection is less than 1%. He added that in most cases the course of the disease was mild.

However, so far, there is a dearth of big data, so it is safe to say that the affected omicons have an easy course, so far it is only the observations of doctors and the so-called. Story proof.

Recent research from South Africa shows that the increase in cases is very steep, the risk of re-infection is low and the disease often occurs in unvaccinated young people.

Mutation also plagues Daniels

Denmark has seen a worrying increase in confirmed cases of the corona virus omigran, of which there are already 183, officials said Sunday. AFP reported. According to data from the Danish Institute of Public Health, this represents a three-fold increase in the number of confirmed cases in 48 hours – 18 in confirmed cases and 42 in suspected cases on Friday.


The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) has previously reported only 182 ohmigran cases across the European Union (EU) and across Norway and Iceland. AFP reminds us that Denmark is one of the most advanced countries in Europe in terms of corona virus variants. He often records more cases faster than his neighbors – this does not necessarily mean a higher rate of infection.

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The Danish Public Health Agency said the increase in Omigron cases was of any kind “This variation is an infectious chain found in people who do not travel abroad or have no contact with travelers.”.

The ECDC said Sunday that a new corona virus variant has been reported in 17 countries in its region. “Most confirmed cases have a history of traveling to African countries, with some boarding flights connecting other locations between Africa and Europe.” The center said on its website before the announcement from Denmark.

However “Several European Union and European Economic Community (EEA) countries (Belgium, Germany, Spain) have identified non-epidemiological cases in areas where the social distribution of Omigran has been documented or suspected.” ECDC warned. This suggests that the “undetected social transmission” of this new corona virus variant may take place in these countries, according to the Center.

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