December 7, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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It is better to forget the bad things

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He joined the oldest football club in Slovakia in 2005 with Branislav Brillon. After the 2011/12 season, when Tatran Prešov finished ninth in the Corgoňliga table, he was left alone.

He announced several times that if he failed to find a strategic partner, he would end football. This definitely happened on Thursday, October 21, 2021. Miroslav Remita He is no longer chairman of the board and president of 1. FC Tatran Prešov.

A public meeting was held in Prešov on Thursday, during which the current members of the board of directors and the supervisory board resigned. As announced, the former international arbitrator became the new Chairman of the Board of Directors Ľuboš Micheľ And Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the former national team striker Stanislav Sestak. The largest shareholder of the club is the city of Prešov.

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Mayor of Prešov Andrea Turchanova.

Source: TASR

The city has acquired the club

“Today there has been a change, after which there will be an entry in the Commercial Register, recognition of valid contracts and adoption of the entire agenda. The new management of the Tatra will start from scratch and will conclude only such contracts that will be necessary for the further operation of the club.” Preshov Mayor Andrea Turchanova said at the official press conference, who actively participated in bringing the club into the hands of the city.

Objectives are clearly defined. The priority will be the construction of a stadium and youth academy and the gradual improvement of the first team currently operating in the third league. The club must initially operate with a seasonal budget of around €400,000.

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“The city will not be able to fund the entire club in the long run, especially when the first team enters into a higher competition. However, until we can find a partner, until then, the city will act as the largest shareholder and will do everything in our power to ensure that we are not shy about Tiran, But we can brag about it,” Andrea Tortanova confirmed.

Ľuboš Micheľ followed her words: “Our goal is to get as much private money as possible here. But first we have to give something to our sponsors. We want to develop football in Prešov in two lines.

The first was the development of youth and the building of the academy, because Preshov was still a talent hatchery, where a number of actors grew up. The flip side is that the first team gets to the highest level possible as quickly as possible. We will try to return Tetrand to where it belongs historically.”

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New Chairman of the Board of Directors 1. FC Tatran Prešov, former football referee Ľuboš Micheľ.

Source: TASR

Rimita admits being tired

The question of building a new stadium, which has been waiting impatiently for several years in Sharish, remains on the shoulders of the city. “We still do not have the necessary opinion from the antitrust body,” The mayor explained that everything was ready and that the construction of a new pavilion could begin almost immediately.

“At the beginning of September, I was personally at the Antimonopoly Office, where the manager told me that the matter would be decided by September 15. It did not happen. So I cannot talk about a date that I do not have on hand.”

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After years of uncertainty, a positive mood prevailed in Prešov. Fans don’t have much to celebrate yet, but it looks like Tatran could gradually get back on track. It is also clear that Miroslav Remita is pleased with this, and in recent years he has not hidden the fact that the club is a kind of burden for him: “It has been almost 18 years. I wish Tataran a more successful period. I am happy that football will be played by people closely related to it. That is how it should be.

Several times in the past I have contacted football personalities to help the club. I’m glad this happened after the shareholder change. It remains to be believed that the bold ambitions of the new leadership will gradually be realized. We will not lie, the last period was marked by the fact that from my position there was already some kind of exhaustion and there was no effort to press ambitions. ”

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Stanislav Shestak, Wobosch Micic, Miroslav Remita and Andrea Turtanova.

Source: TASR

He does not owe anyone anything

A well-known businessman also admitted that he settled almost all the old obligations. Currently, there are four more cases in which players claim to have been paid for a period when they were not playing due to an epidemic.

“The limit is 20 thousand euros, but in my view, these are not the sums that Tiran should pay. I think there is room for the new leadership to agree with these players. If this does not happen, then Titrane will have to respect the final decisions before the UNDP today.” , And if there were other cases from the past, Miroslav Remita explained, he would take full responsibility for them: “The treaty specifically deals with this, but I am convinced that there are no such obligations. Tatran conscientiously kept his accounts and owes nothing to anyone.”

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Miroslav Remita wasn’t a boss who lived off football every day. As the years went by, less and less could be seen in the stadium stands. But his memories will remain.

“I prefer to remember our steps towards the top of the competition. Unfortunately, we were always out of League One after that. We all know what it was like in 2013 with Trnava, when we weren’t happy with us or some other influence appeared there… the spectators in the stadium, the matches good, I was all happy, ” The 55-year-old businessman admitted and added in one breath: “And the bad thing? You better forget about it.”