January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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It couldn’t be worse, we have a team for other places, says sporting director Dukla Branko Radivojevic.

Today 08:25

A look at the extra league table confirms the impressive balance after just five rounds. However, Trenchen was not expected to have her day. Today, Dukla faces a very difficult task, to stop the bad series against the leader of Poprad.

Trenchen has fallen to the bottom of elimination and poor proficiency

The Transition have so far only succeeded in one out of five matches, when they defeated Michalovci on home soil. They lost to Banska Bystrica on their ice, were not enough for Slovan Bratislava outside and, surprisingly even for Liptovsky Mikulas, for the last time they failed with the newcomer from Prešov. The score was three weak points, with a score of 8:16.

“I analyzed. We had a lot of eliminations. Up to 31 penalty kicks for two minutes is a bad number. We lose the team in rhythm matches. The biggest problem is the effectiveness of shooting. In Mikulas and Prešov we outnumbered our opponents, but we could not use them. We’ve also only scored three goals in a five-on-five game. We’re lacking in ease. The boys can be seen nervous when merging the disc and tackle it. We’re in a situation we don’t want to get into. We have to get out of this.” We were told by coach Jan Bardawi, who has been researching the reasons for many of the exceptions. “We had some finely judged errors, but at the same time I must add that we made a lot of unnecessary exceptions when installing with a stick and chopping.”

In Slovakia, team cuts are usually made after poor results and often the coach pays for it. In Trenchen, they are still impatient and do not want to deal with things drastically. “No one is satisfied, everyone has higher expectations. We need to improve our team in everything. Everyone needs to look at what they can contribute. I think now that we are the last, we will start to fight our opponents over us. It couldn’t be worse. Realizes Everyone that we have a team to fill in different positions,” Sporting director and assistant coach Branko Radivojevic added.

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The former long-term actor tried to find the reasons for the Trenčians’ very poor entry into the season. “We are very ineffective playing five against five. We have good weaknesses again, but we react on balance, which is our biggest problem.”


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Radoslav Tibor celebrates his goal with teammate Josef Mikic, Dukla Trenchen

Source: TASR

The implementation team sat down with Dukla’s management, as well as with the players. Almost everyone’s performance is disappointing. Potential fighters, Josef Mikicka and Radoslav Tibor, have only four assists and two goals in a row. “I told the boys in the meeting that we expect more offensive leaders. They understand that. They know they have to score goals. When we talk about Tybor and Mikysk, they create chances. In every game, they prepare for at least two goal chances for their teammates, and they get Two chances to score goals. It is necessary to work on improving efficiency. They also have to show the young players things that are methodical, they play simply, they don’t take risks. We are working on it,” Follow Yan Bardawi.

“We just knew it. Everyone from their side said, no one is satisfied with the situation. It’s only five games so far, but we have to remember quickly. Of course, we also miss the injured players, but we can’t argue. We were supposed to get points in Mikulas and Preshov, but we were ineffective again and deserved to lose. We can’t play beautiful hockey now, but purposeful, “ said Branko Radivojevic, who does not think with the management about strengthening the staff. “We are also looking at the market, but there is nothing interesting at the moment that might make sense for us. I think the injured players will come back to us slowly.”

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Samuel Hunzik after scoring a goal against Mikalovci


For former hockey players, the most positive surprise was the start of the season, Samuel Hunzik. The sixteen-year-old striker is still Trenčín’s top scorer so far with three goals. “We know Samo has potential. He also managed to get him into the elite squad, which not every young player will succeed in. Wherever he plays, he shows that there is a future in him. However, I would like to pay tribute to all our young players, be it Krajčovič or Stránsky or others. They show we don’t have a problem there,” Jan Bardawi added.

“He simply taught us that. He surprises us in every game. He was one of our best players in five duels. He has great potential, works hard. I hope he will grow into a great hockey player. He has deserved the space. He is a humble guy, just like our other guys.” Radivojevic said.

With Hunzik, it is questionable how long the coaches will keep him in first attack, because they have so many injured players. “You should deserve a place. If the performance drops, we will change it, but we have no reason yet. We will keep ourselves for sure, because it is Dukla Trenčín’s first flyer. We want to help him. I repeat to all the players that they cannot consider whether they are in the first or fourth attack, But they are adapting to the task of the match. She has no problem with that, but the plan is to make the most of her offensive capabilities.” Jan Bardawi added.

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Goals Trenchin hockey players scored in five out of the league games in a five-to-five match.