October 23, 2021

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Isn’t that such a good idea?  More and more British think Brexit is growing badly

Isn’t that such a good idea? More and more British think Brexit is growing badly

The recent economic and logistical problems in the United Kingdom have begun to change the way Brexit is viewed by its people.

At least one survey by the Yukov Agency suggests it. According to him, more than half of the locals are dissatisfied with the consequences of leaving the EU. Only eighteen percent of Britons have a positive opinion and their numbers are declining.

More than half of Britons (53 per cent) believe Brexit is growing badly. 32 percent think it is “too bad” and 21 percent think it is “too bad”. Since June, the number of people with a negative attitude has increased by 15 percent.

According to a poll released by Yukov on Wednesday, only four percent of Britons consider the consequences of leaving the EU “very good” and 14 percent “rather good.”

Since June, the number of satisfied people has dropped by seven percent. In the current situation 21 per cent of Britons have a neutral opinion and eight per cent have no opinion.

The United Kingdom is facing a number of problems as a result of its withdrawal from the European Union. Petrol has run out at petrol stations due to supply disruptions.

“I’ve heard a lot about Brexit. There’s no doubt it will be a factor.” Agreed Transport Minister Grant Shops. Due to the lack of drivers, they also face empty shelves in grocery stores.

Exports of British products at the beginning of the year were also down 47 per cent from a year earlier. “The two billion British pound decline in exports from the United Kingdom to the European Union is a clear indication that British manufacturers are losing ground on Brexit.” Dominic Guide, one of the representatives of the British Food Association FDF, told The Guardian.

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