November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Is that what coach Stefan Tarkovic said?

Today 07:45

Tomáš Suslov is still a teenager, but gradually combines the beginning with one adult after another and, despite the little time, still convinces coaches and experts of his undeniable talent.

Tomáš Suslov believes in the starting lineup and is already preparing for the first goal for the national team

Healthy and confident football is not afraid to compete in one-on-one battles, which is a huge currency in football today. In addition, he can play in both districts and in the middle of the field, so the coach has more alternatives to use. We spoke to FC Groningen after our arrival in Malta.

After the match with Slovenia (2:2), the experts rated your performance highly. Along with David Strelc, I’ve revived the playing field as small rifles. Did you also feel good about your game?

“I think I had good moments, I’m just sorry about the outcome, because we didn’t get the meeting to a victorious end. If we win, I will definitely be happier.”

During your 20-minute time on the field, you tried to find your teammates, either by passes or centered balls. After one corner, you have the opportunity to finish yourself. You had the ball inside the sixteen on the left side, but instead of the first shot, you let it go, but no one was there with your teammates. Would you handle it differently now?

“Yes. I looked at this situation and preferred to shoot at first touch. I thought someone would stand behind me and would be in a better position. Before the standard, Andrew Duda and I agreed to run away from him and he found me exactly. Not rehearsed, we agreed on it spontaneously and tried it. It was a good opportunity to finish.”

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We faced the opponent twice, but in the end we came close to winning.

“I think we were…unfortunate for the second goal collected, when we played big. If not, we would definitely have won the match.”

“I think David Strelich and Tomas Soslov asked for a chance for this performance.” Did you record these words of the national team coach Stefan Tarkovic?

Did Coach Tarkovic say that?

Yes, at a press conference after meeting Slovenia.

“I am just happy. I will look forward to every opportunity that the national team coach gives me. I hope to at least take it as before.”

Feeling a chance to be in the starting line-up on Sunday? By the way, so far I only started against Malta in the first team from the first minute, when we drew 2:2 at home in the spring …

“I definitely think that I will play from the start of the match, but the decision whether this will happen is entirely up to coach Tarkovic. Even if I do not start in the starting line-up, but only during the meeting, I will try to help the boys and give the best possible performance.”

Today you can start the ninth national team match. Is it time to achieve the goal of the excellent national team?

“I will actually score a goal in the national team. I hope he comes soon. Perfect, only in Malta.”