January 16, 2022

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iRobot has a new robotic vacuum cleaner, which can avoid dog poo

Today, robotic vacuum cleaners help with cleaning in many homes. However, one group of customers can do more harm than good. We think of those consumers who own pets.

Animals as such are not a problem. The main problem is what will remain in the house after them, if they are not thoroughly trained. If a robotic vacuum cleaner encounters cat or dog feces, for example, it will spread it around the house with the brush.

Thus the user can start cleaning not only the floor, but also the vacuum cleaner itself, which will also be marked with a brown icon. IRobot says it will solve this exact problem, tip informuje.

Foot New model of robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba j7 +It uses a camera and machine learning software to elegantly avoid all unexpected obstacles, including smelly dogs and cats.

Photo: iRobot

The manufacturer is confident of his wise solution. “We’ve been working on it for a long time and make sure it works,” Colin Angel, co-founder and CEO, told The Verge. The functionality is not entirely new, and the avoidance of brown dirt is also offered by competitors, such as the Roborock S6 MaxV.

However, the head of iRobot is skeptical about the competition, believing that their technology does not work reliably. They pretended they’d been working on the solution for years, and created a massive dirt-by-pet database, on which they trained the software’s recognition capabilities.

Vacuum Cleaner
Photo: iRobot

In addition to dog poop, the Roomba j7+ also takes care of other items, such as forgotten children’s toys or wiring up consumer electronics. At this point, however, user interaction is required. The vacuum cleaner sends an image of the object to the app and asks if it is a temporary or permanent obstacle.

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If the user selects an unexpected obstacle as a permanent obstacle, the vacuum cleaner will remember this and will not interfere with this area. So when you get home, you don’t have to find a vacuum cleaner somewhere under the sofa, choking on a forgotten sock.

Photo: iRobot

In addition to the above features, the Roomba j7+ features a new design with beveled edges to prevent the robot from getting stuck under furniture. Engineers have also simplified operation (three buttons) and connectivity via Bluetooth LE.

Today, the manufacturer is also releasing a system update to the world iRobot Genius in version 3.0, giving compatible vacuum cleaners new features, such as a quiet operation mode, better room layout, estimated cleaning time or activating automatic cleaning after leaving the house.

For this purpose, the robotic vacuum cleaner will need to access your location data smart phoneSo, he found out that you left the house.

Photo: iRobot

Roomba j7 + to me Selling in the US and Canada NS $849. A copy is also available Roomba j7 NS $649. However, it doesn’t include a Clean Base Automatic Empty Station, which catches dirt, dust, and hair from 60 containers.