October 22, 2021

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iPhone 13 Pro: Have you been waiting for a real stress test?  Here!

iPhone 13 Pro: Have you been waiting for a real stress test? Here!

Nobody wants a new device to fall to the ground and get damaged, especially if it costs more than a thousand euros. However, this can happen and a practical resistance test will show you how anxious you are 🙂

Every new iPhone comes with an independent stress test, which shows the device’s ability to withstand in a variety of situations, especially when dropped on a hard surface (concrete), which we often encounter in everyday life. This time, the YouTube channel took care to test the resilience of the news – everything.

The protagonist in the video iPhone 13 Pro Max launches on a solid base From different heights, checking for damage and basic function of the device after each fall. We have to admit that news can handle something, but everyone can make their own judgment.

The high resistance is also promoted by the manufacturer itself, claiming that iPhone 13 / Pro has the toughest and most durable glass among all smartphones. The ceramic surface on the front and back of the device is responsible for this. This year’s Series 12 devices also have this technology, the weight of the device also affects the resistance to drops – the heavier it is, the stronger the effect itself. We would like to add that the iPhone 13 Pro Max as well as all the news associated with it A little heavier than its predecessor. This is not an additional increase, but within a two-meter fall it can affect what damage is done or not.

How are you with the damage to your phones? Does your iPhone often fall off or are you careful if you use quality cases?

Source: 9to5mac.com

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