January 21, 2022

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iPhone 13 - No reason for extreme transformations (review)

iPhone 13 – No reason for extreme transformations (review)

One meme after another has been circulating online about the fact that Apple hasn’t changed anything on the iPhone 13 compared to last year’s model, just shifting the camera lens by an inch to the right. Of course, you will find many differences. But the crucial question remains – does Apple have any reason to try any new designs and new innovations every year?

Source: Refresher / Marian Biel

How do you take it? At first, we can arrange something basic. No, it doesn’t make sense to change iPhone 12 to iPhone 13. Only if you are a big fan. But in this case, you can use the Pro version instead. Either way, although there are changes compared to last year, they will be more noticeable to those who have used the iPhone 11 so far, but especially the XS or X.

Source: Apple

So what’s new

However, it is good to say because of the creation of the image that Apple changed a year later on its mobile phone. Nothing at all outside. Except for the aforementioned shift for one of the rear camera lenses. The highly receptive eye will find another difference. The top in the screen is a bit shorter, but it’s also more hair-dense. Unfortunately, more icons didn’t fit in the corners.

The weight has also increased by 10 grams. The old cap of the duodenum should also fit here, although the new thickness is 0.3 mm.

Source: Refresher / Marian Biel

So if last year’s iPhone was right for you, is it right for you. If you are waiting, for example, to replace the aperture with a front camera positioned inconspicuously or rounded edges that do not cut much in the notch of the palm. However, according to the number of 12 iPhone Series devices sold, it can be concluded that this is not a major obstacle for humans. Apple surpassed 100 million units sold in April.

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Preview image: Refresher / Marianne Bell