October 23, 2021

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iPhone 13 is a boring smartphone that you better consider buying

iPhone 13 is a boring smartphone that you better consider buying

# It’s September, and smartphone lovers with nibbling apples are waiting to reveal new mobile phones again. The next generation of iPhones is here. Apple received a lot of regrets last year because its regular customers wanted more. Did you hear their pleas this time? appeared on the scene iPhone 13Which, in our opinion, does more harm than good.

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iPhone 13/13 mini

Don’t worry, I won’t cover you with parameters that are not so important today. Apple likes to boast that its chipset is the fastest on the market, that iOS is the most reliable operating system and that all of its parameters are 50% better. But who wants to listen? Classically, again we lack battery capacity, Apple simply released the information that the new iPhone 13 will last two and a half hours longer than the older model. The battery will again be a big problem. You will need to fix it with MagSafe Magnetic.

It will please the Model 13 mini, but what has it really added since last year? A few pixels on the screen, a newer chip, and an upgrade to iOS 15? This is of course not a matter of pride and support for new models. As for the design – the front opening narrows, but according to the first information by about 3-4 millimeters. Will you notice it with the naked eye? of course not. On the other hand, the camera has undergone a radical change by placing a wide lens on the diagonal side. Thank you that at least Apple did it, otherwise the designers themselves would not recognize it from the previous one.

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You can buy Mini in 128 GB version for 799 euros and iPhone 13 “standard” from 899 euros. You’ll pay a hundred for a slightly larger screen and probably pay a few mAh more in battery. However, Apple has not yet revealed the exact number, but it certainly won’t be big. Using 6.5G Wi-Fi or durable glass in the body for nearly a thousand things is a mockery. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini, which Apple seems to be coughing, haven’t undergone such a makeover that you immediately ran off to replace them with last year’s model.

iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max

So let’s move on to the release where we see some real changes. I’m not going to talk about the design, you know it hasn’t changed in any way if you don’t count on the increased production of cameras. The screen has a few extra pixels. Finally, we saw a 120Hz refresh rate. Apparently Apple has found this to be a sought-after trend in new smartphones and can also offer much cheaper models. It is a pity that you will only find it in the pro version. If the device does not have a good battery (at least 4500 mAh), I am afraid that the promised day will not last on a single charge.

The new hexa-core Bionic A15 chip is the best on the market for smartphones. You must use it for several functions. One of them is the cinematic mode on the rear cameras. Basically, in the video you will be able to refocus manually and automatically while shooting, and also while editing. But if you’re buying the iPhone 13 Pro for photos and video, don’t. For 1500 euros you can buy a great full-frame SLR camera with a suitable lens. Don’t go for all those promotional videos where “normal” people are shooting a movie on the iPhone 13. In most cases, they have a device firmly built into the Ronin and control it through an external display.

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The cheapest 128GB version of the Pro model costs 1149 euros. If you want to switch to Apple or have not bought a new smartphone in a long time, this is not a bad option. However, people who own a 12 Pro model or news from Samsung will be disappointed. Save money and wait for real change. iPhone 13 Pro Max offers a version with 1 TB of storage for 1829 euros. Personally, I can’t use 500GB on a laptop, as movies and music are streamed online today. However, 1TB is ready for enthusiasts who want to shoot their vacation stories in 4K, Dolby Vision and Cinematic Mode and then never see them again.

Apple chooses defensive tactics

While Samsung and Motorola offer successful foldable smartphones and Xiaomi covers the selfie camera with a screen, Apple stands idly by. According to the past couple of years, American society is apparently waiting for a new technology to take over. She does not want to risk losing her reputation. However, people are starting to realize that the iPhone 13 is really just a copier with some minor changes, and not always for the better. In my eyes, Apple used to be something more than that, but in recent years it has become Electronic Arts in the smartphone industry.

Do you really want to blow up a thousand more? If you do, it will signal to Apple that what they are doing is correct and they will continue to do so. We will not see the change. The defensive tactic suits the American giant, because it has a fan base and its sales and shares are constantly increasing. I will not discourage you from buying, you know the best way to manage your money, but be sure not to be disappointed this time.

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