January 28, 2022

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Invented the first robot scientists neighborhood capable of reproduction

One is devoted to the concerns of the scientific community artificial intelligence technology It is that it may come once when this technology goes beyond our lives and become independent. Where is today no one knows the turning point, although scientists say we are still relatively them away. However, they are technology Which is gaining consciousness graduallyWhich becomes more independent over time. It is definitely worth to mention the words of Mo Gawdata, former director for Google X. is recently mentionedThat during the development of artificial intelligence, he was afraid of the situation when Bermjawa his hand to lift the ball. However, having picked up, he began to show what they can do it, which was not the intention of the developers. And this attitude Jodta said: “The fact that we create a god.”

Scientists have created the first robot, the xenobot, that can reproduce

latest study Researchers from Vermont (UVM) University, Tufts University and the Institute of Lewis at Harvard University come. They claim that they created the first one Self-replicating living robots.

Small living organisms that have been created (xenobots) was originally discovered in 2020 were made from the stem cells of the heart and skin that belong to the African frog. I have been able to form an organism that can move for a week until almost run out of steam. Among other things, this organism is also self-medicating. It must also be said that scientists managed to design these organisms to perform simple tasks.

The researchers claim in the latest study published this Discovered a new kind of biological reproductionWhich is different from any other known plant or animal species.

“People have long believed that we have evolved all the ways in which life can be reproduced or replicated. This is something that has never been seen before,” said Douglas Blackstone, chief scientist at Tufts University. “We found that xenobots can move. We found that they can swim and now found that it is able to reproduce, “adds Josh Punjard of Yu M.

Scientists say that computer-designed and hand-assembled organisms are The ability to find more cells, assembly and unification, and the establishment of “children xenobots” will become a new xenobots within a few days. However, it is in essence, the frogs are cells that proliferate in a way completely different from the way they multiply by frogs. Scientists also claim that they reproduce in a way not seen before in nature. It consists of the main Xenobot of about 3000 cell. Below you can watch a video posted by the University of Vermont.

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Joshua Punjard, Ph.D., computer scientist and robotics expert who co-led the new research says, “the right design – will multiply automatically.”

Scientists see its use in medicine. They say if they can dictate groups of cells to do what they want them to do, then Ultimately, their research could contribute to regenerative medicine.

He added Punjard: “If we knew how to say groups of cells to do what we want it to do, it will be in the end of regenerative medicine.”

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