December 9, 2021

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Introducing roaming in the UK.  The operators were told what they were planning

Introducing roaming in the UK. The operators were told what they were planning

We were there last week Brought information British operators have begun to respond to Brexit. Slovakians living in the United Kingdom should be prepared for the possibility of having to pay extra for dating and calling when moving to Slovakia or another country in the European Union.

With plans to introduce roaming charges, EE, the nation’s largest operator, will introduce new customers for 2 2 a day, respectively. 10 pounds a month. They will only have access to prepaid data and minutes after payment.

So with the question of whether TECHBYTE plans to change the invoice to Slovak operators, Rep. Introduction of new tariffs related to the United Kingdom.

4ka: We do not rule out price increases

“We have seen the first price moves on inter-operator offers in recent days, so we can not rule out price changes for calls and dating in the UK. If there is a significant increase in wholesale prices from UK operators, we will not rule out price changes for our customers. We will let you know in time, ”said 4ka Corporate Communications.

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For Slovak customers, this means higher fees, respectively. Other changes in the amount of data available or in minutes.

Orange and Telecom do not plan any change

Orange, Slovakia’s largest operator, also brought positive news. “No, we do not currently plan any change in roaming charges in this regard,” said Ivika Hirikova of Orange.

Updated June 28 at 3:00 pm:While roaming, the current situation in the UK will not change,Telecom Services and Finance Spokesman Michal Korec confirmed.

O2 has not yet answered TECHBYTE’s questions. We will update the article as soon as we get their feedback.

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