October 21, 2021

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International Humanitarian Law: HC TWK Innsbruck – Bratislava Capitals 1: 5

Yesterday 21:43

On Tuesday, iClinic Bratislava Capitals hockey players won their IHL supranational round 18 match on ice at HC TWK Innsbruck 1:5.

International Humanitarian Law – Round Eighteen:

HC TWK Innsbruck – iClinic Bratislava Capitals 1:5 (1:0, 0:2, 0:3)

Objectives: 7. Messner (Huntebrinker, Ulmer) – 32. Bondra, 36. Chovan (Roy, Roy), 47. Hudec (Mrázik), 49. Valkvae-Olsen (Faith, Arniel), 58. Carson (Serdev).

Referees: Nikolic, Schauer-Badacher, Sparr, De Konk, disqualification: 1:2 for two minutes, plus: Betker (TWK) 5 + DKZ, power-ups: 1:0, weakening: 0:0.

Innsbruck: McCollum – Betker, Jakubitzka, Hackl, Bourque, Lattner, Boruta – Leavens, McGauley, Bär – Feldner, Dostie, Ulmer – Paulweber, Huntebrinker, Magwood – Winkler, Mader, Muigg

i Clinic Bratislava Capitals: Lakoff – Carson, Jardine, Chuvan, Snogerod, Nan, Verita, Zeligak – Serdif, Roy, Imo – Falkvai Olsen, Arnell, Faith – Sadek, Bock, Bondra – Shkvarik, Mrazek, Hodic – Viberal

In the 7th minute, apparently due to inexperience, Hunerbrinker fouled an opponent just outside the penalty area but the free kick that followed did not work. In the 32nd minute, Bondra equalized and Chauvin converted the score after four minutes.

In the final chapter, they confirmed the full points gain for the people of Bratislava with a shot between Hudec Concrete and the Norwegian Legion Valkvae-Olsen. A shot from the blue zone was identified by the Canadian defender at iClinic Carson’s service.

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