November 30, 2021

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Inter Milan-Juventus match analysis: The Italian derby does not recognize the winner

24.10.2021 11:48

Italy is waiting for the football holiday, which is none other than the Italy derby. It is a duel of the Italian Serie A champions, one of the most successful clubs in the Apennine Peninsula, and at the same time it is a huge blow to the geographically close teams. Inter do not play at home and Juventus have an impressive winning streak. It looks like a split point


Third place is still satisfactory

Inter Milan is going to blow in a good mood. In the Champions League, the Moldovan “only” defeated Tiraspol, but for the “Nerazuri” it was the first victory in the millionaire competition since October 2019! They desperately needed three points, and despite the pressure, they got it. They lost the last game with Lazio in the league, but the third place is satisfactory after financial problems. In addition, they will move to Saint-Cyr, where they have lost only one competitive match since February. In Serie A they are pulled down by 6 Džeko goals, Škriniar performs consistently well and they don’t even report an absence.

Four times in a row 1: 0

Juventus “rised from the dead”. After unsuccessful training engagements and deteriorating performance, Allegri found his accusations in disrepair. The season started disastrously, but the new old coach put the “old lady” together. Not an attractive style of play with a lot of chances and domination, but the foundations of pragmatic football, in which only victories matter. She won four consecutive matches 1: 0, a total of 6 consecutive victories, without a combined goal, leads the Champions League group and in the league rose from the relegation zone to seventh place.

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What we recommend to guess:

Inter Milan – Juventus X

Number of goals (2.5) less

Enthusiastic Juventus, even without Dybal and Rabiot, dares to be the hero with whom he has a positive balance from the last period, and if he wins, he will reach his points. However, Inter will not allow all points to be stolen. Yet pragmatism do not expect more than two goals from the guests.