October 23, 2021

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Infinity War is the most successful movie after 6 hours of pre-sale tickets? Early estimates say unimaginable profits!

NSwaiting for the movie Avengers: Infinity The war is on a completely different level if you compare it to similar movies. studio marvel Tall was heading towards an epic climax 10 years. But it’s finally here. Cinemas around the world have begun the final stage of promoting the greatest movie of all time Advance ticket sales After the release of the epic trailer. Recently, no other topic has been resolved in the world of cinematography.

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Fans and enthusiastic viewers are now busy analyzing the latest released footage from the movie. population United States of America However, they also had to hurry up to ensure what Best places for the premiere. In North America, yesterday Tickets already sold out (Our pre-sale will start soon). Obviously the peak of enthusiasm has been extremely high since then After a few hours, Infinity War started breaking records.

It really breaks records…

External gate final date I mentioned it from the movie Avengers: Infinity War On the pre-sale page Fandango stood up The most successful miraculous action after only 6 hours. So very little time was needed to exceed the number of tickets previously purchased from all previous works MCU, Including black Tiger. Of course this means that the upcoming comic book has surpassed the movie in this regard Batman V SupermanWho has worked so far rekord v predpredjoch.

Just keep going 6 hoursso beat black Tiger – for whose The first weekend earned over $200 million He is now comfortably well over a billion. It can also tell you how much money Infinity War will make. Early estimates point to the opening weekend $215 million. It will indeed be the most successful movie MCU. However, the level of interest we are seeing tells us that earnings are rising to a higher level. Many think so Infinity War beats Star Wars Episode VII debut (247.9 million) and will achieve the title of largest debut in United States of America. Realistically, it will also break the record Debut worldwide 541.9 million.who created F&F 8.

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Battle scene in Avengers: infinity war
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Avengers: Infinity War will also beat these historical apparitions, and it’s very likely that we’ll see incredible sales. The Marvel studio is already making money, but after the release of their next comic book, they’ll be more than behind the water. We will see the success of the movie already April 26.