January 24, 2022

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In Tunisia, the CEO of the National Channel was removed from his post

The Tunisian president fired the chief executive of a national television channel on Wednesday (July 28).

The decision comes three days after President Guiz Syed took office in Tunisia, leading to fears that young democracies should respect freedom, especially after the offices of the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera were shut down.

Blocked at the entrance

Journalist Amira Mohamed, vice-president of the SNJD, said she was stopped by a security agent at the entrance of the Vataniya channel, who was waiting for the TV administration’s permission. “The CEO of Vatania told me he had received instructions from an army officer not to allow guests into the television headquarters.”, Said human rights activist Bassem Trify.

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The Defense Ministry and the President confirmed that they had not given any instructions.

A few hours later, the channel’s chairman, Lassad Tahek, was accused of trying to cause trouble by restricting access to the channel. He was replaced by Awadef Tali, a journalist who held this interim post.

President Syed, who suspended parliament for 30 days and fired the prime minister, said he was committed to public freedom and ensured that they were protected.

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