November 28, 2021

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In the video, Mourinho recorded the most difficult loss of his career: He will not forget this disaster!

In the video, Mourinho recorded the most difficult loss of his career: He will not forget this disaster!

Roma football coach Jose Mourinho and pilot FK Bodö / Glimt Kjetil Knutsen Source: SITA / AP / Mats Torbergsen / NTB Scanpix

Roma coach Jose Mourinho recorded the most difficult loss of his coaching career. His accusations in the European Conference League duo suffered on the grounds of Norwegian disaster FK Bodö/Glimt 1:6. This was the Portuguese helmsman’s 1008th match, and his team had never collected a half-dozen before.

“We lost against a team that showed better quality on the field. I expected to perform much better and we would be a balanced opponent to the Norwegian opponent. I am responsible for the defeat. Every loss will leave scars, it will be difficult to shake. In the booth I was honest and honest with the players,” Mourinho told

After Thursday’s embarrassment, he admitted that the cold weather and artificial turf were significant obstacles for Roma’s players: “We couldn’t adapt to the difficult conditions. We play a lot of games in a short sequence, I try to rotate the team. I blame them for the disaster, because it is up to me which squad we will play in.” Bodo / Glimt is at the top of the Group C table with seven points. The Romans lose one point to another.

Another surprise was presented by the Dutch national team Vitesse Arnhem in the first eleven minutes with Slovakian representative Matos Byrom, who beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 in Group G. For the first time while performing in European club competitions, he won the scalp of a team from the English Premier League. Maximilian Wittek tried to advance after a ball entered from the right and came from Maximilian Wittek completely alone with Arnhem making an amazing save.

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Spurs were toothless in attack. Brian Gill was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the goalkeeper. “We already felt in the first half that we could play a balanced game with Tottenham. We went out against the opponent with a high attack, and that was effective. We scored a goal, and I think our victory deserved.” Hero Arnhem told Dutch media.

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