October 23, 2021

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In the US, Facebook launched Clubhouse-style podcasts and podcasts

Just a few days ago, we announced that Spotify is releasing its version of the Clubhouse service, and Facebook is already here with a similar move. In addition, the largest social network integrates podcasts.

The spoken word goes through golden times. Everyone listens to podcasts, different types of interviews and the latest discussions on the Clubhouse social network. Facebook is responding to these trends and incorporating them into its social network.

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take a lookHow do I register for the new exclusive social network club?

As the gate informs Take CrunchIn the United States, a voice room service for iOS devices has been launched, available to select public figures and groups on Facebook. Facebook is also making its debut with podcast integration.

To prevent abuse of fake accounts, voice rooms will only be available to authenticated people and so far only certain groups. Audio Rooms works on the same principle as the Clubhouse social network, where you can create rooms where you can discuss with other people or just talk about a topic and connect with other people. Also interesting is the possibility of raising funds in the sound rooms.

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Currently, new services are only being tested, but gradually they should be available to a larger group of people on the social network Facebook. However, all Facebook users in the US will be able to listen to podcasts and podcasts this week.

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The podcast will be played on the social network via the built-in RSS player. Gradually, you should also be able to share short clips of the podcasts you’re listening to.

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Facebook is once again trying to connect its communities through audio entertainment and new forms of programming. Availability in other countries should follow in the coming months.

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