January 27, 2022

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In the UK, the Omigron variant will soon dominate: new measures!

In the UK, the Omigron variant will soon dominate: new measures!

Britain on Sunday announced additional measures to curb the spread of the corona virus variant Omigron.

As of Tuesday, daily antigen testing has been introduced for seven days for fully vaccinated individuals who have been in contact with an infected person. AFP reported.

Non-vaccinated residents should be in isolation for ten days after meeting a positive person. The British Ministry of Health says isolation applies to anyone who shows a positive test or shows signs of illness.

“We are taking this appropriate and practical step to reduce the impact (infections) on the daily lives of the people and at the same time control the spread of Omigran,” said Health Minister Sajid Javed.

People with Govt disease will be alerted to the fact that they are in contact with the National Health Service (NHS) “Test and Trace” system or through its Govt application.

In addition, starting next week, people over the age of 30 have the opportunity to take a third anti-govt dose. The AFP recalls that the British government has set a target of giving a booster dose of the vaccine to all adults in the country by the end of January.

“The Omigron variant is banging in the UK and is expected to dominate in mid-December.” The head of the health department said. In London, the Omigron variant accounts for one-third of victims. Education Minister Nadim Zahawi said on Sunday that the first patients affected by the Omigran variant had already been taken to hospital, two weeks after the variant was confirmed in the UK.

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During the week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a number of changes to the rules in the fight against Omigron diversity. As of Monday, December 13, the UK government has re-ordered those with conditions to work from home. Certificates confirming vaccination or negative test will be required to enter nightclubs and events.

The UK is one of the worst-hit countries with more than 146,000 corona virus deaths, and daily infections are still at an all-time high – around 50,000.