October 21, 2021

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In the Philippines, a plane collided with 92 people on board

Philippine Defense Minister Delphine Lorenzana said in a statement that 17 people were killed and 40 wounded on Sunday (July 4) in the crash of a Philippine military plane that went missing from the airspace.

Lorenzana said ninety-two people, mostly on a C-130, were on board the C-130 when it crashed on Jolo Island in Zulu province, south of the archipelago.

Aircraft “Missing aerial part, then tried to regain power, but failed”, Chief of the Armed Forces General Cyrilito Sopezana told the Philippine media. “There is help, we pray that other lives can be saved”, He added to Agencies France-Press. He said 40 of the rescued were taken to a military hospital for treatment.

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Aircraft to provide humanitarian assistance

Many of the passengers on the plane had recently received basic military training. They were sent to the island as part of a joint counter-terrorism force in the region.

The military is largely in the south of the Philippines, with the Islamic group Abu Sayyaf being considered a terrorist organization by Washington. The group split into several factions, some of which pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. It was made up of a network of activists The cause of any bloody attacks And the abduction of foreign tourists and Christian missionaries.

The C-130s are military transport aircraft that are often used to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

The crash happened in June when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a training flight overnight.

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